28 Reasons.

It’s Jared’s 28th birthday today, and I thought I’d do something a little different this year and share 28 reasons why I think he’s a pretty awesome human being. 

  1. He makes great coffees.
  2. He puts up with my emotional breakdowns when a recipe doesn’t go right, and always tries to help me fix it (even when I don’t want to and I’m ready to throw in the towel).
  3. He always eats what I cook, thanks me for it and assures me it’s fine, even when I’ve screwed it up and I know it tastes awful.
  4. He never gets angry when I make a big deal out of choosing the movie, but end up falling asleep halfway through it.
  5. He always cleans the kitty litter, even though it was my idea to get a cat and told him I would take care of everything. 
  6. He loves wine as much as I do.
  7. He loves the music on Triple J as much as I do.
  8. He loves food (ALMOST) as much as I do. 
  9. His ears will twitch when he hears something and it makes me think of cats, and I love cats. 
  10. I am the day dreamer and impulsive one. He is the logical, down to earth one. This works well because he grounds me when I need it and I encourage him to dream when he forgets to. 
  11. He is careful, and I am usually carefree/careless. He always makes sure my handbag is closed, and that I know where my wallet and phone are at all times when we’re out. It’s SO annoying, but at the same time, SO necessary given my terrible track record of losing every damn thing I own. (And I do appreciate it babe, even though I moan and groan every time you ask me to do my bag up).
  12. He watches chick flicks with me, and has even admitted he “doesn’t mind” some of them. (Admit it babe, you love them!).
  13. He eats the food I don’t want, even if it’s the crappy parts. (Eg. I give him the filling of my samosas because I only like the pastry part).
  14. He is so low maintenance. He’s happy just have a quiet night in with wine and take out on most weekends.
  15. He likes Star Wars.
  16. He likes Harry Potter.
  17. He likes Sci-Fi and fantasy style movies.
  18. He always washes up when I cook.
  19. He can see colours in his mind when he hears music, how awesome is that? 
  20. He has the cutest/cheekiest smile.
  21. He has stunning blue eyes that I love staring creepily into.
  22. He has a cute bum ;). 
  23. He knows how to make me laugh, which is annoying at times because he uses this to his advantage when I’m supposed to be angry at him, but I can’t hold back the laugh. 
  24. He sends photos of him and Severus to me while I’m at work and it cheers me up to see their faces.
  25. He makes me feel special, safe and loved.
  26. He supports me in every thing I do and believes in me even when I doubt myself.
  27. We have been on some really great adventures together, and have made so many fun memories already.
  28. He is the greatest, most special human being and I’m really grateful to have him in my life.

And here are some photos, because it just wouldn’t be like me to not share some snaps!


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Happy birthday you spunk, love you!