5 Day Reset: Recap Part One

I’m officially past the halfway point now of my 5 Day Reset (more info HERE if you missed it) and I’m actually feeling pretty good! My only real struggle so far has been the caffeine withdrawal. On the first day, my caffeine headache set in just before midday. A niggling reminder from my body that I’d missed my morning coffee. I just stuck to my herbal teas and lots of water, but despite it all, it was there for most of the day. On the second day, it came on around the same time at midday, but was gone after a few hours. Today it came on much later (a good sign I hope), about an hour before I started typing this and it’s still here but hopefully it will pass soon.

The cravings haven’t been too bad either. I found that having a warm drink in my hand in the mornings is fine regardless of the drink, but I do find my mind drifting towards thoughts of coffee throughout the day, especially in times of stress. It was also odd to not have my dark chocolate for dessert at night as well, or mixed in with my nuts at work for my afternoon snack. I’ve actually got a batch of homemade sweetener and caffeine free “chocolate” bark setting in the fridge at the moment made from carob, cacao butter, almond and coconut chips. It’s for dessert tonight and I absolutely can’t wait to dig into that!

My mood has also been ok. I’m finding that when my headaches hit, my level of patience decreases and things just really bug me more than they usually would. But other than that, I’ve been pretty good! No big mood swings or anything like that. My energy levels have also been pretty good. I’m not bouncing around full of energy just yet, but I’m also not exhausted like I thought I’d be.

Aside from all those, it’s been pretty easy and much more of a learning process than anything. I’m learning that I don’t necessarily need coffee to wake up in the mornings and get things done. I’ve been doing it these past 3 days with no problems. I have also slept so well the past 2 nights, falling asleep quickly and not waking through the night. I’ve still got 2.5 more days to go, and I’m actually excited to see what the rest of the week has in store for me!

Now, most importantly, let’s get stuck into my eats so far!


Breakfast: a Green Bowl at a local cafe which had sauteed kale, poached eggs, wild rice, mushrooms and pesto (usually comes with halloumi too but I asked to not have it). Instead of coffee I had peppermint tea! (It wasn’t until I had a bit of the pesto that I remembered that there’s also a bit of cheese in pesto – silly me!). Jared is joining the reset as well, but only cutting down to one coffee a day. I was totally fine to let that slide considering he was happy to do the rest of it!

Lunch: Grilled chicken sausages with roasted sweet potato and dutch cream potatoes tossed in olive oil and spices. (Again, it wasn’t until I’d already started cooking that I realised there was feta in the sausages. Oops. I still ate them though, I wasn’t about to waste them!)

Snack: Raw almonds, a sundried fig and a roasted chicory and dandelion tea with some rice milk. This was my first time having a roasted chicory and dandelion tea and it was really nice! Not anything like coffee, let’s be perfectly honest here. But more like a black tea with a slightly bitter aftertaste. 


Meal prep: I sliced up some yellow carrot, celery and capsicum to snack on at work on Tuesday. I also chopped up some kale, onion, carrot and capsicum for us to saute with our eggs in the mornings instead of sourdough.

Exercise: We wanted to end our long weekend on a high, so we decided to go for a walk along Balmoral Beach as the sun was setting. We are so lucky to live close by to the water, and it was so relaxing to just stroll along chatting and breathing in the sea air. 



Dinner: I had prepped dinner earlier that day in the slow cooker. I used this old recipe of mine for Pea, Ham & Pumpkin Soup. I didn’t have pumpkin though, so I used 2 carrots, 3 small potatoes and 2 stalks of celery in it’s place and it was delicious! I also added in some sliced silverbeet in the last 30mins of cooking. This made enough for dinner and lunches for the next day.


Dessert: A cup of herbal tea in bed!


Instead of my usual coffee in bed, I had a mug of the chicory and dandelion tea and it was actually really nice. Again, it wasn’t coffee, but it filled the part of warm and comforting very well.

Breakfast: Veggies from my meal prep, sauteed in coconut oil with some tamari, pepper and almonds. 2 fried eggs on the side.


Meals for the day: I had a handful of raw almonds and sundried fig for morning tea, pea and ham soup for lunch and half of my veggie sticks in the afternoon dipped into some tahini that I keep in my work kitchen. I also treated myself to an almond milk turmeric latte with a little bit of honey at midday. For the rest of the day, I just had water or tea (we have a great teapot at work from T2 that I like to fill up and drink from all day!).

Dinner: Jared was on dinner duties, so while he cooked, I snacked on a small handful of brown rice crackers to tie me over without spoiling my appetite because I was really looking forward to dinner! Jared cooked up some spice-rubbed grass fed eye fillet steaks and delicious roasted veggies. In this mix was sweet potato, dutch creams and cauliflower tossed in olive oil and spices. So tasty! (I had an extra serve of veggies after this!). 


Dessert: A cup of herbal tea in bed!


I started off with dandelion tea again and then I warmed up the very last of our pea and ham soup. There was about half a bowl left, which was just right for giving me some energy to go to yoga without making me feel too full or uncomfortable.


Exercise: Wednesdays are one of my rostered days off this month, so instead of heading to work I walked down to my local yoga studio for a 9:15am yoga class. I felt great throughout the class energy and focus wise!

Breakfast: I stopped at the shops on the way home to top up on groceries, so I didn’t get back until just after 11:30am. I was starving by this point! I chopped up my leftover veggie sticks from Tuesday, added in an extra celery stick, some fresh chilli, onion and almonds and sauteed them in coconut oil with a little tamari and pepper. 2 fried eggs on the side.


Snack: I bought carob powder while I was out, it’s similar in taste and texture to cocoa powder except it’s naturally caffeine free! I mixed a heaped teaspoon with 1/3 teaspoon of manuka honey in some hot water and topped it with some rice milk. It was delicious and though not as rich as a normal hot chocolate, it was still tasty in it’s own way.

Lunch: I was craving something carb-y and filling, so I made a quick fried rice. I sauteed celery, onion and carrot in some coconut oil, added some leftover cooked jasmine rice we had in our fridge, a splash of tamari, fresh chilli and pepper and then topped it with a couple of eggs. This hit the spot and was so satisfying!


That takes me up to when I started writing this post, and I’ll add the rest of today’s eats with my post later this week! I hope you enjoyed the recap, I’m off to relax for the night with a tea and some carob chocolate!

Laura x