5 Day Reset: Recap Part Two

Well, that’s it! I’m done! In that short period of time, I learned a lot about myself, my mindset towards some foods and just my body in general (how it feels when I eat/don’t eat certain things). I’ll be sharing a full reflection soon on how it affected my mind and my body and also how I’ll be eating post reset, but before I post that, I just wanted to share the rest of my week’s eats with you!


Snack: I had a couple of pieces of my homemade carob bark to taste it. This was my first time making it, and I basically just melted some cacao butter (which is just the fat derived from the cacao pod, and is naturally caffeine free), added in some carob and mixed it together and poured it into a lined baking tray and topped it with raw almonds and coconut. I popped it into the fridge to set and I mustn’t have mixed it well because it separated as it set – so carob at the bottom and cacao butter at the top. It still tasted great though! So creamy and rich and didn’t need the cacao or sweetener at all!


Dinner: We had Thai green curry, with free range chicken thighs, veggies, fresh chilli, Thai green curry paste and full fat coconut milk on top of some basmati rice. So hearty, warm and satisfying!


Dessert: Herbal tea and a couple more pieces of the carob bark.


Thursday was a bit of an odd day, we had a plumber come over at 7:30am to replace our dishwasher and it totally threw me off. I couldn’t cook in the kitchen, plus our veggie delivery for the week had been postponed so our fridge was a little bare anyway. This meant my meals for the day were store bought unfortunately!

Breakfast: The Nasi Goreng bowl from Ora Manly. I love Ora, they have the most nourishing meal options there! This was seasonal greens poached in their homemade bone broth, topped with a fried egg, seeds and sprouts. Yum! (It tastes a lot better than it looks!)


Morning Snack: A sundried fig and raw almonds. 

Lunch: Lunch was disappointing actually. I tried out the new Fish Bowl that just opened up in Manly, and didn’t feel like raw salmon so I went for the chicken bowl instead. It had brown rice, shredded veggies, chicken and a wasabi mayo. It was really salty though, they pour the soy sauce on over the rice and I think the person serving me was a bit too heavy handed with it. I ate 3/4 of it because I was so hungry, but regretted that afterwards. I was so bloated from all the sodium that I didn’t eat again all afternoon. My stomach just felt so full and uncomfortable. Not good!


Dinner: I bought some veggies on my lunch break so dinner was loaded with them! I made a minestrone style soup with celery, carrots, capsicums, zucchini and a tin each of chickpeas and kidney beans. I poured in 1L of veggie stock and 2 tins of diced tomatoes and seasoned it with Himalayan salt, pepper, fresh chilli and dried oregano. I also put some brown rice penne on to cook as well. I let them both simmer while I showered, then I popped a small handful of cooked brown rice penne into bowls, and poured the soup over the top. I added extra pepper and chilli flakes to mine. SO GOOD! And oh so nourishing!

Dessert: The last of our carob bark, with a hot chocolate with a twist! I made it with 2 teaspoons carob, 1 teaspoon medicinal mushrooms, hot water and a splash of rice milk. So delicious! I ordered the medicinal mushrooms online and they arrived that morning. Hot chocolate was such a delicious way to enjoy them! I’ll write some more on them in another post!



I loved the carob and mushroom hot chocolate so much, I made a cup when I woke up. It’s definitely not coffee, but it still was still warm, delicious and comforting!

Breakfast: A bunch of leftovers really. I threw some leftover roasted sweet and white potatoes, leftover cooked chicken from our curry night and some sliced mushrooms into a pan with coconut oil, salt, pepper and chilli flakes. Random, but a delicious and accidentally a nicely balanced meal of carbs, protein and fats!


Morning Snack: Mandarin!

Lunch: Leftover soup! I really need to get an insulated container for my food. We don’t have microwaves at work so in order to have warm soup, I put it in my giant tea thermos which worked ok. I also have a proper soup thermos, but silly me I left it at work!

Afternoon Snack: An apple drizzled with tahini. 

Dinner: We had to do an after work dash to K-Mart last night to get some things to take to my parents place this weekend, so we decided to just have dinner while we were out. We had to go to Chatswood and it wasn’t until we were there that we realised Vivid was on there! So we got to see some pretty lights and things while we were walking around which was nice! The streets were full though and so were a lot of restaurants. We managed to find a sushi train place though, which was perfect because it was easy to find some healthy options that fit our 5 Day Reset. We stuck to sashimi and sushi rolls, and didn’t partake in any tempura, gyoza or udon noodles (which are all my favourite options by the way). We still had a really delicious dinner though, and we enjoyed our time there!

Dessert: Carob and medicinal mushroom hot chocolate, yum!

And that was it for my week for  my week of eats! This was so much easier to do than I imagined and I’m actually thinking of making this a once a month thing for us, because it was just a really great way to reset myself and get my mind and body back on the right track again.

I hope you have a fabulous Saturday and I’ll be back again soon.

Laura x