5 Tips for a Healthier Christmas!

Hello everyone! I’ve finally got my blog back up and running, and in a brand new format too to make it much more user friendly on both smart phones and PC’s. I hope you like it!

With Christmas fast approaching, I thought I’d put together my top 5 tips to make your festive day a little healthier!

  1. EAT BREAKFAST. You don’t have to starve yourself all day in prep for a Christmas binge fest. Eat breakfast. If you usually have a morning snack, do that too. If you starve yourself, you’ll end up eating far more than you usually would in one sitting and end up feeling uncomfortable all day.
  2. PACE YOURSELF. When it comes time for the big feast, enjoy a bit of everything but just remember that you don’t actually have to eat it all right then and there. If your family is anything like mine, we usually graze all day anyway which I prefer to do. If you don’t like grazing, save the leftovers for another day. I find that Christmas feasts make the most DELICIOUS leftovers. I love eating it throughout the week in all different ways. Turkey sandwiches. Ham and pea soup. Grilled prawn and mango salads. The list is endless. So pack some up to enjoy later on, rather trying to cram it all in one sitting. It just means you get to eat that delicious food more than once, and you don’t feel like a stuffed turkey yourself by the end of the meal.
  3. BRING A COUPLE OF HEALTHY OPTIONS. This doesn’t just mean bringing kale salads (but you can of course if you want to). This can simply mean beautiful fresh seafood to throw on the BBQ, a refreshing fruit salad or a few different dips and crackers and veggie sticks. Just something light to break up all the traditionally heavy Christmas dishes.
  4. ENJOY YOUR DAY. There are so many other things to enjoy during Christmas other than the food. Spend time with your loved ones, laugh, chat, play backyard sports with your kids/nieces/nephews. That’s what Christmas is all about! Stop worrying about the food and what you’re eating and start embracing all the other things that the day has to offer!
  5. MOST IMPORTANTLY – BE KIND TO YOURSELF. So even after reading all the tips in the world, you still had 3 slices of cake. Or too much wine. Or you had to unbutton your pants by the end of lunch (I’ve been there too, no judgement here!). DON’T WORRY YOURSELF ABOUT IT. Don’t sit there and punish yourself with guilt, self-loathing or promises to yourself of doing 100 burpees in the morning that you know you won’t do. Be kind to yourself. The next day, have yourself a delicious, nourishing breakfast and reflect on the good times you had with everyone the day before and start your day with a positive mindset. Now that’s much better than burpees, isn’t it?

Laura xx