6 Things I Love and Hate About Running

Last week I shared a list of 6 things that made me happy that week. This week I’m doing something a little different and sharing the 6 things I love and hate about running!


  1. Hitting them goals. Nothing beats that sense of accomplishment when I’ve reached that time/distance I set out to do, no matter how big or little that goal was. For me at the moment, just getting out there and being able to tick the runs off of my training plan is enough to make me feel really damn good. I’m so excited to see my body’s progress as I go along my plan.
  2. The sense of freedom. If I’ve had a rough day in the office, if I’ve been stuck inside all day, if I’ve got 1 trillion things on my mind… running is my relief from all of it. I don’t know why I stopped running as often as I used to. Now that I’m running 4-5 times a week, I really look forward to unwinding with a run, and I wonder how I dealt with everything before?
  3. MORE CARBS/FOOD/EATING IN GENERAL. You guys know how big of a fan I am of intuitive eating, and listening to my body and following what it wants and needs. Since running more, my appetite has shot through the roof, especially on the day after a run (which for me now is most days, ha!). I crave carbs mostly, but just food in general too. And since listening to my body’s needs and fulfilling it’s cravings, I have felt so much better. I run better, I don’t have that post run day crash in energy levels, and my mood is better too! More food = happy, HAPPY Laura :).
  4. I feel healthier and fitter. I’ve been so lazy with exercise, and running has been a godsend. It’s great for the cardiovascular system, it’s great for clearing the mind and for building strength in the legs. I don’t do it for the weight loss, it just makes me feel good, it makes me feel strong and I am healthier overall for it.
  5. THE ENDORPHINS. I love that post run high! You’ve hit your goal, you’ve pushed yourself, you’re drenched in sweat and you’re ready to collapse. But you made it and the endorphins kick in and you can’t stop but smile and feel damn proud of yourself for kicking ass. 


(Ok, so these are pretty tame reasons and are nothing in comparison to the 6 reasons I love it).

  1. Getting my ass off the couch and out of the door. Finding motivation to get dressed into my running clothes after working all day, instead of chilling on the couch with my kitty, Jared and a big bowl of pasta… is really, really hard sometimes. I won’t lie. But once I’m out there, I’m fine. It’s just a matter of sucking it up and getting out there! 
  2. Running on bin night in the summer time. That smell. Enough said.
  3. Running at dinner time when everyone seems to be cooking the most delicious smelling foods. It’s torture!! However, this sometimes works in my favour, because I run even faster so I can get home to my own dinner as soon as possible!
  4. Wanting all the cool running shoes/gadgets out there. I’m in dire need of proper running shoes, my ones just aren’t cutting it (they’re not made for distance running). But I’ve seen the cost of good running shoes and I want to cry. I also really want a Garmin watch to track my runs. I also want to cry at the prices of those. I would really like to own more than one pair of comfortable running shorts. And you guessed it, I want to cry at the prices of fitness clothing. Basically anything that costs over $10 is out of my budget, so.. there’s that.
  5. Greasy hair. Now we’re getting to the really trivial things. I’m just accepting the fact that my hair will now be sweaty/greasy for like 90% of my life. I sweat up a storm, and that includes in my hair. I really cannot be bothered washing it every day, so I (and everyone else in my life – sorry Jared!) will just have to deal with this sweaty hair for like 5/7 days of the week.

I told you that they were really almost insignificant reasons I hate running! Reasons why I love it definitely trumps them all!


Before I jet off, I’d love to know:

  • Are you a runner?
  • What’s one thing you love and one thing you hate about it?
  • What gets you motivated for your runs? 

I’m off for a run this afternoon now after all that talk!

I’ll leave you with this!





  1. Hi Laura :)
    As we’ve discussed on Insta already, I’m a runner who is also in training for a half marathon.
    One reason I love running is, it helps to keep my emotions in check; during and after running I generally feel happier, calmer and better able to deal with the unexpectedness of life.
    One reason I dislike running, all the clothes/towel washing from the daily sweat-sessions! :D
    The main motivator for me is reducing my anxiety through moving my body and music is what helps get my through my running/workouts; furthermore, music makes me feel carefree, empowered and allows me to express myself! :D

    Liking your blog! Keep it up :)

    Resa aka Poppetier

    1. Love your answers Resa! I have to agree with all of those, but especially your point about keeping your emotions in check! It honestly keeps me sane and more able to handle everything life throws my way. I don’t think I’ll be giving it up anytime soon! Thanks for tuning in to my blog, hope to see you here again :) x

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