7 Days of Self Love

Hello lovelies, and happy Thursday!

I’m really excited today to be bringing you a challenge I came up with yesterday in the midst of some inspiration. It came at a time that I felt like I just really needed some self love. I’ve been working my ass off lately and I really felt like treating myself but I felt myself hesitating every time I wanted to do something.

I don’t know about you ladies, but I always find it so hard to justify doing things for myself. It is incredibly easy for me to spoil others, but when it comes to myself, I always postpone it or make excuses not to.

But yesterday I thought to myself how silly it was to be like that. We cannot hope to continue to be able to give love, time and energy to give to others, if we don’t show ourselves some love and care too. So I got my thinking cap on and wrote down some things to do next week to show myself some love. Not just for one day, but for a whole damn week because you know what? I totally deserve it. And YOU DO TOO.

Here is my guide to 7 Days of Self Love!

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7 Days of Self Love(1)

Here is a bit of a deeper look into each day!

DAY ONE: Sometimes it’s hard for people to reflect on things that they like about themselves, but I say let’s embrace it and for a day share what we love about ourselves. Whether it be a personality trait, a body part, a skill or talent we have. Anything!! Don’t be shy!

DAY TWO: I’m already incredibly excited for this day. Food can sometimes be viewed as the enemy, but let’s break that stigma and remember just how enjoyable it can be! I find most enjoyment with my food when I can share it over good conversation and laughs, so I am planning on making this into a date night so that Jared and I can go both go out and enjoy the delicious food together. What’s your favourite meal? What’s your favourite way to enjoy it? Make Tuesday your day to do it!

DAY THREE: I used to be one of those people that complained all the time. It was draining for me and it was probably quite draining for people around me. For the past few years, I’ve been re-training myself to focus on the positives rather than the negatives. To remind myself of all the good in my life, rather than focusing on the things I didn’t have. To appreciate the people in my life and show them my love for them more often. This day is an ode to that. What a beautiful thing it will be to reflect on 10 things in your life you are lucky to have!

DAY FOUR: Sometimes we feel like we haven’t gotten anywhere. Or that the hard work isn’t paying off. Or that we haven’t achieved anything. And that’s a total and utter lie. We have all been through so many obstacles and challenges in life so far. Each one so unique to us, and each one teaching us something different. I want this day to be a day where we reflect on a obstacle or challenge that we have overcome and how it helped to shape us and helped us grow.

DAY FIVE: We all have that one item of clothing that makes us feel good. Whether it be a dress that hugs in all the right places, or jeans that show off your great bum, a piece of jewellery that has great meaning behind it. Whatever it may be, wear it on Friday and share a snap of it so we can all see how good you look in it!

DAY SIX: How often do you find yourself making time for everyone else and forgetting about yourself? Well, I’m asking you to stop that and be (dare I say it), a little selfish, and take an hour for yourself on Saturday. Whether it be going for a walk, hitting up a yoga class, taking yourself out on a shopping spree/brunch date/leg wax… do it. And feel shamelessly guilt free for it!

DAY SEVEN: Wooooo, it’s been a week of loving yourself. Let’s celebrate some more by pampering yourself and end it on a high! Run a bath, paint your nails, put on a face mask, have some wine, book in a massage (or bribe the boyfriend to do it for free). So many options to choose from, and personally I hope you choose all of them ;).

Who is with me?? Let’s all join forces and celebrate together. I’ll be posting everyday on my Instagram page and using the hashtag #sevendayselflove. Join me and tell me all about the things you love about yourself and your life! Even if you don’t wish to post, please go through that hashtag anyway and show some love to people that are posting! Let’s really spread the feel good vibes next week and help build each other up, I mean, how beautiful would that be?!

Hope to see you all playing along next Monday!

Love you all,