A Headache-y Hump Day

Ahh hump day. Marking the halfway mark of my long working week, thank goodness! I love my job, and I don’t even mind the long hours I’ve been doing lately, but when one has a pesky headache that just won’t bugger off, everything seems to take so much more effort don’t you think? Safe to say, I’m glad to be sitting back on the couch watching M*A*S*H DVD’s, sipping on a warm cuppa and enjoying a couple of sneaky scotch finger biscuits.

I did have quite a good day though, aside from said headache. I didn’t start work until 10:30am today, so I had a bit of time to relax before I headed off. I organised our fridge because we received our first organic fruit and veg box for the year yesterday (YAY!) and in my laziness last night, I sort of shoved everything in there. It was a very good haul though – just look at it! So much beautiful greenery in this weeks box, and I’m so excited we got stuff like sweet corn and mangoes!! I’m thinking a summery style salsa is in the cards for those!


I then made breakfast of 2 organic eggs cooked in a little organic butter, kale and silverbeet sautéed in more butter and a slice of Naturis organic buckwheat bread. I’ve been trying to reduce my gluten intake recently as I found I was eating far too much of it and it was causing me a bit of digestive upset. I still eat it 1-2 times a week or as a treat (ahem… scotch fingers), but definitely not daily anymore. Anyway, I surprisingly found this little gem in an IGA. However, the IGA is connected to a green grocers/deli/organic goods store, so that may be why. It’s too dense/hard to eat as is, but is delicious toasted and buttered. Which is exactly how I had it! I also splurged last week and treated us to some organic free range eggs. I have been buying free range eggs now for the last couple of years, but to get organic free range it’s almost double the price. I always talked myself out of it to try and keep costs down. But last week, I thought to myself “it’s an extra $5, that’s less than what I would pay for 2 coffees!” It seemed silly at that point to not pay the extra for organic. And I was glad I did. It’s important to support the businesses that are doing the right thing where you can, plus the quality of organic eggs is amazing. They have gorgeous yolks and are just absolutely delicious. Until I  can one day raise my own chickens, I’ll be buying organic.

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I then packed my lunch for the day – mixed organic greens, kale and veggie sticks. I keep a large tub of hummus at work, which is what I would be had with it. I’m not a fan of raw kale (there, I said it), but hummus seems to make even the cardboard-iest of greens taste good! It’s a miracle dip, I’m telling ya!


Work was busy as usual, so my day went fairly quickly. However, sitting in front of a computer all day  did not help the headache situation. I went through a few green teas, an almond milk latte and many a temple rub before I finished my shift.

Dinner was kept as simple as simple can be. Chicken and broccoli noodle stir fry, using organic adzuki bean noodles I found at a local green grocer. It’s amazing! It’s made from just beans and water, so it’s naturally gluten free and packed with protein. And most importantly, it tastes good. They also make other things mung bean fettuccine and black bean spaghetti. When I’m not feeling so crappy, I’ll post a little more on the range!

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I’m sorry that this post lacked any recipes. I guess I just missed being able to blog about my day without having to worry about getting a recipe together for it, you know? It takes the pressure off quite a bit, and it’s nice to just be able to write without any agenda.

I hope you still enjoyed the read, and if you didn’t, I promise there’ll be more interesting posts in the future with a delicious recipe attached.


Laura x



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    1. Thanks so much for your feedback! I was a bit unsure of whether to post it or not, but it was nice to just write about my day and not have to worry about perfecting a recipe for it! Have a fab weekend lovely x

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