A Rainy Weekend

To everyone on the east side of Australia… How about the rain on the weekend, huh?! I hope you all stayed dry, safe and unscathed!!

It wasn’t too bad for us on Saturday during the day, which was good because we had a few places to look at and we were lucky that we got it all done before the worst of it hit. I found an apartment I really, really liked you guys. I’m trying not to get my hopes up too much, but god damn it, I can’t help but think it’s perfect! Please cross all of your fingers for us that we get it!

The rest of our day was spent watching movies and napping because #exhausted and #slightlyhungover (is it still considered cool if you hashtag outside of Instagram?). We had been to visit our friends in their new place on Friday night and there was quite a bit of red wine that was had, AND I stayed up past midnight, which is a real achievement for me these days! Movies and naps were all I could muster up the energy for after grocery shopping and running around in the rain between 4 different apartment viewings!

On Sunday, we woke up to monsoon style weather. We had tickets to visit the Natural Therapies fair in Burwood but with Mother Nature pouring down buckets and blowing up the joint, we decided it was best we stay indoors where we weren’t likely to blown away/drowned.


Our morning was filled with bottomless coffees while I worked on getting my new blog layout and logo up and running, as well a a little catch up post (yesterday’s post here if you missed it!), shouting at the cat multiple times to get off the table/stop chewing the cable/get out of the sink/stop pouncing on my feet (he goes a little extra mental when it’s raining – which in turn males me a little bit mental) and a late brunch of toasted and buttered sourdough, crispy bacon and organic eggs.


After brunch, things seemed to settle down quite a bit in the house. Jared played his video games on the couch while I got cosy in bed and got back into blogging (starting this post actually) and catching up on some of my favourite blogs. I also applied for that dream apartment we saw on Saturday. Severus went back and forth between us, napping for a little while each time. We drank lots of ginger lemon tea, and it was just really relaxing!



Lunch was really just a snack of leftover spinach and feta gozleme that we had for dinner on Saturday, as we were both still full from brunch. After that Jared got stuck into our overflowing basket of laundry (yes – overflowing, because we are terrible at adulting sometimes) and I got stuck into some meal prep for the week. First up – some Fig & Goji bliss balls for our snacks! I’ll be sharing the recipes for these tomorrow, so keep an eye out for them!


I also cooked up some grass-fed, GF, organic honey beef chipolatas in the oven. These are by the brand Cleaver’s, and I really enjoy their products. Always really good quality, and tasty too! I also steamed some carrots, green beans and broccoli in our cute little asian steamer basket. To save time/washing up/water, I also cut up some potatoes and put it in the pot of boiling water underneath the steamer to make mash at the same time. I packed these for both of our lunches for Monday and Tuesday. The rest of the week’s lunches will probably be dinner leftovers! 

While cooking, I also had a couple of Aldi dark chocolate digestives biscuits with a cup of coffee. I’m seriously addicted to them. Everytime we get them from Aldi, they never last more than a few days with both myself and Jared around! 

For dinner I defrosted some hoki fillets. We get a bag of them at Aldi for $9.99, and they’re wild caught and sustainable which is a pretty good deal! It also tastes pretty good too. I cooked 4 fillets in some coconut oil, and seasoned them with cracked pepper, garlic powder and a splash of GF tamari as I was cooking. We saved two for dinner tonight (I love cooking once and getting more than one meal out of it). 


To serve with the fish, we had roasted pumpkin and brown rice/quinoa mix. To make the brown rice/quinoa, I just put 1 cup brown rice, 1/2 cup quinoa (rinsed well) and 2 cups of veggie stock into the rice cooker and let it cook as I would with just rice. It came out really fluffy and flavoursome!

After dinner, I spent some time finishing off and submitting an assignment. Then we spent the rest of the night watching Futurama in bed together. I got hungry again about 9:30pm, and had myself a snack of a brown rice cake topped with a bit of organic butter and cheese. It just enough to fill that little space in my belly! I hate going to bed hungry, I always feel sick when I wake up the next morning if I do. So I usually just have something small to avoid it if I get a bit hungry!

And that was my weekend! How was yours?? Were you affected by the storms? Did you get any any meal prep done? Did you drink too much wine? Please do tell!

I’ll be back tomorrow with the recipe for the Fig & Goji bliss balls!

Love and plentiful coffee to all of you today,