About Life, Orchard Street & the Bondi to Coogee Walk

I’d been feeling a bit “blah” lately. The winter blues, I guess. I knew I just needed some sunshine, some nourishing food and some good vibes to pick my spirits up. Mondays are my usual rostered day off, and it just so happened that this Monday was also my girlfriend Shibby’s first day of holidays from dance school.


I met this beautiful girl when I started at college as she was in the same nutrition course as me. But her life took her on a different journey and we parted ways school-wise, but still kept in touch and continued to be friends. She is one of those people that just exudes positive energy and light to those around her. It is truly a blessing to find friends you vibe with on such a spiritual level!

To start the day off, we met in Bondi Junction for lunch.



We were originally going to head to Earth to Table, but upon walking there, we discovered that they were actually closed on Mondays and Tuesdays. The good thing about Bondi is that there are so many good “health” and “wholefoods” based cafes around there that it wasn’t hard to find a new place to eat. We ended up choosing About Life. I’d been there previously and loved it, and this time was no different!

About Life is a wholefoods supermarket and cafe all in the one. It’s heaven for nutritionists, naturopaths and health conscious foodies alike! I made a mental note to come back when I had a bit more cash to stock up on some goodies!



For lunch we both ordered the Nourishing Bowl with quinoa. It was basically seasoned/dressed quinoa topped with stir fried veggies, tahini dressing and nori sheets. Absolutely blissful!   



I also got the ginger chai which was beautiful!



After filling ourselves up with such good food, we decided to catch the bus to Bondi Beach to do the Bondi to Coogee walk. Before we embarked on our walk, Shibby wanted to quickly show me the Orchard Street cafe. I knew they were famous for their beautiful healing juices, but I had no idea of the amazing raw lunches and desserts they also sold. We were still too full from lunch to get anything big, but we did buy a few treats. I got the “Soul Brownie” and Shibby got the turmeric bark. I also picked up a raw mint slice to take home to Jared. I’ll have to take him there one day for lunch and kombucha I think!


The Bondi to Coogee walk is 6km long, encompasses 7 beaches and bays (a few examples being Tamarama, Gordon’s Bay and Clovelly) and takes about an hour to do. Well, an hour if you don’t stop every 3 steps to take photos like we did! I think it took us a good couple of hours, but we were in  no rush and it was the first time either of us had done it, so we were more than happy to take our time!

Although I’ve lived less than an hour away from Bondi all my life (even less than that now that I live in the inner west of Sydney), I’ve never really explored it. I used to come here for dinner with my family, and I think I’d been to the beach maybe once or twice in my life. But I always had this stigma about it being a tourist hot spot and always avoided it. Which is ridiculous, because as I discovered on Monday, it’s bloody beautiful!!! There is a reason why tourists flock here, it’s gorgeous!

We watched people surfing, there was a lady getting her inner yogi out right next to the water (which I now want to do, because I can only imagine how soothing and calming the ocean noises would have been) and despite the cool winter weather, there were people doing laps in the iconic Bondi Icebergs pool. 






The walk took us through so many places, it was so fun to explore it all!

















We explored, we chatted, we vibed, we laughed and we even got to watch the sun set, the sky change into beautiful shades of every kind of pink imaginable and even the full moon made an appearance too. Such a stunning end to the walk!









While waiting for our bus back to Bondi from Coogee, we got coffees and enjoyed our treats from Orchard Street. They were amazing. The brownie was incredibly rich, dense and filled just the right amount of spices and a pinch of sea salt. Incredible. Hands down the best brownie I’d ever had. The turmeric bark was beautiful too. So creamy and not sweet like I expected. Really unique!

By the time I got home, my body was tired, my legs were sore, but my soul felt so alive and refreshed again. Amazing what good food, a nice walk, ocean air and good vibes can do to a person! 

If you ever get the chance, you should definitely do the walk. Here’s some more information on it, including a map. It’s not hard though, we just followed the coast line and it led us right to Coogee. 

It was such a beautiful way to start the week, and I can’t wait to go back and do it again!

Laura x