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Hello + welcome to my little blog One Dish Away!


Who am I?

My name is Laura. I’m in my mid 20’s, I live just outside of Sydney with my boyfriend of 4 years, I am one of 3 kids in my family, I’m a yogi wannabe, an adventure-seeker and I love eating greens, sushi, pastries and good wine (not necessarily in that order – sometimes wine comes before kale!). I’ve just completed my Advanced Diploma in Nutrition, and am currently now juggling studying an online course in Advanced Diploma of Naturopathy, being a full time sales and marketing manager/nutritionist at a health analysis company and being a food/lifestyle/little-bit-of-everything blogger!


Why food?

I guess I just love that a good meal has the ability to do so much! Bring a smile to your face, cheer your spirits, make you think of fond memories and bring about a sense of joy or happiness simply by how it tastes, smells and looks. Because of nutritional medicine education, I’ve also come to deeply appreciate food for it’s inane ability to make you feel good and be good for you through the power of nutrition as well.


Which food?

I’m a bit of an all-rounder when it comes to what kind of food I like, I like a bit of everything! Growing up in our household, food was a big part of our culture. My parents are both originally from Laos, and I love the food from there. Despite being born here in Australia, my siblings and I have been eating traditional meals from there all our lives thanks to my mother and her amazing cooking. Although I am still learning how to cook dishes from there myself now that I’m out of home and I don’t do it as often as I should, it is still a big part of who I am. We have eaten so many weird and wonderful dishes from there, ranging from things like grilled ox tongue (surprisingly delicious) to green papaya salad (also really delicious), and for that I am grateful.

Because we were exposed to such food, I have grown up with an open mind about food. I love trying out new food from different cultures, I love learning the story behind the dishes and I love seeing how it’s made. It just intrigues me!

My mother also uses a very traditional nose-to-tail style of cooking. There is rarely any wastage, and all parts are respected and used, and everything is made from scratch. When I first started my “healthy food” journey a few years ago, all I cared about was low-fat, low-carb, low-calorie everything. It was an awful  stage of my life, and I’m glad to say I’ve grown out of that and into a more holistic, traditional and nutrient dense style of cooking, incorporating my mother’s style into more and more of my meals, while still trying to keep in line with my nutritional medicine teachings.

You’ll also see that in my dishes, I use mostly sustainable, organic, fair trade and locally sourced produce, meat and pantry items (where possible and where I can afford). These are also big influences in the decisions I make when buying and cooking food.

With all that being said, I am really just about balance and moderation. I like to balance my home-cooked meals, with take out once a week, wine on the weekends and yoga/running/weights on most days. I am not a “perfect” cook, nutritionist or healthy eater,  I am really just a girl who is hungry for good food, hungry for new (and tasty) adventures and hungry for the adventure that is life.


What is my vision?

I hope that the passion I have for food and a balanced way of life shines through in the way I write and the posts I share. I hope that with this passion, I am able to show people the amazing power that food and a healthy and balanced mindset has to change the way they feel about themselves and about the life they lead.

“Happiness is only One Dish Away.”

Laura x

P.S Would you like to read my story? You can find that here.

2 thoughts on “About Me

  1. hey Laura! I’ve been following you on healthy hippy since you we’re way back at 1500 followers. I love every post you’ve made and I started following you when I was pretty unhappy with myself. your posts about having a balanced eating life made me feel less guilty about enjoying good food and I loved how inspiring and positive you were in your posts. please don’t give up on healthy hippy, I’ll be still looking at your new blog also. keep up them positive vibes gal your working it well :) xxx

    1. onedishaway@hotmail.com

      Hi Imogen, thank you so much for your kind words and your amazing support over the past year or so. I really, truly appreciate it! As mentioned in my first post, I haven’t given up on “healthy eating,” my ideas about it have just evolved that’s all. And as much as I loved my Healthy Hippie account, I just no longer felt it was me and I hope you understand. Thank you once again for your support lovely! xx

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