My Story

My Story

It’s funny to think that right now, I couldn’t possibly think of any other passion I’d rather live and breathe everyday. When for years prior to this, I didn’t know I had a passion at all.

Most kids growing up had an idea of what job they wanted, what they wanted to do and where they wanted to go in life. I was never that sure of anything. So I floated in between jobs and short courses for a couple of years after school finished, before landing a “dream job” doing a traineeship at an insurance brokerage. I worked hard at it, completing 2 traineeships in half the amount of the expected time. I then got promoted and thought this is where I would stay forever.

So for the next couple of years, I did the “normal” thing of working 9-5 in this financially stable but mentally draining job, trying to get promoted further and move up in the industry. It was a good position, I had amazing employers and co-workers, but I had no passion for the job. I was just incredibly unhappy, and that unfortunately leached into other parts of my life.

The only thing that kept me sane was writing. While I was there, I started a blog (some of you might remember the Healthy Little Hippie) and posted about my life, my meals, recipes I’d created and connected with other bloggers. This became the highlight of my day. And the more days wore on, the more I knew that I didn’t want a future in the finance industry. I wanted, no needed, to pursue my love for food.

So I found a college that taught a holistic nutrition course that I wanted to do, and nervously spoke to my boyfriend and family about it. As it turns out, I had no reason to be nervous. They were just happy that I was happy. Here was Laura… With drive. With purpose. With happiness in her heart.

So I quit my stable job, got a casual job at a cafe, started my course AND moved out of home with my boyfriend. All at the same time. Because I don’t do things by half measures. I mean why just make one change, when you change your entire life, right? 

That was over two years ago now. In that short amount of time, I’ve changed jobs 4 times, went through a rough period of unemployment, built up a 15,000 follower strong Instagram account (@healthylittlehippie), created 2 recipe e-books and started a new blog and Instagram (@onedishaway) from scratch. If you’re wondering why I started a new blog and Instagram account, I wrote about it here.

I also cried a lot, I laughed even more and have been through some of the best and the toughest times in my left yet. But I’m still here, and as happy as ever I made the change. I will never, ever look back in regret. No matter how challenging my days sometimes get, I get through them by reminding myself that I am still living my passion and pursuing what my heart desires each and every day. And that accounts for much more than any obstacles that I can face.

I hope you enjoy reading and following my little blog. It’s not much, but I hold it so dear to me. You will never find anything but my heart and soul written in these pages.


Laura x