An Unexpected Hiatus and a New Look!

Hi my loves! It feels so, so good to be back after taking a bit of a break from blogging!

I originally closed the blog off so I could work on updating the logo, theme and overall look of the blog, but ended up leaving it closed for almost 2 weeks and I have to admit… It felt good. Real good.

I know. Crazy right? Don’t worry, this isn’t the end of my blogging days. Quite the opposite actually! I think taking a break has really given me a bit of time to rest, recharge and also do some things outside of the blog-osphere (apparently there is life outside of it – I know, I too was surprised!). As much as I love sharing every detail of my life on here, it can sometimes take over and it’s nice to take a step back every now and then and do a whole bunch of things and eat a whole bunch of stuff and not worry about taking 300 pictures to blog about it!

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It all started because my new logo was taking a tiny bit longer to get designed than I expected, and even though I had finished revamping the rest of the site myself,  I wanted it all to be launched together at the same time (because… perfectionist) so everything was put on hold because of it. At first I started to get worried because “ohmygod, my views for June will be so low.” And as soon as I thought that, I realised how silly that sounded. So what if my views dip this month because of it? It’s only a blog. I don’t earn money off of it (well not really anyway, see my post here), and I had so many others things in my life that needed taking care of (including myself to be honest), so why not take this opportunity to let it go for a little while and focus on other things in my life?

So, to catch you all up on what’s been happening, here are the things that I’ve been up to! 

I caught up on my uni work!

This one was a biggy. For some reason I thought I could handle full time online study (I’m currently studying a Bachelor of Complementary Medicine through Endeavour College) and full time work. And also blogging and spending time with Jared and socialising and training and every other thing in my life. Turns out, it’s really f*cking hard (excuse the language). Like duh, Laura. I can’t believe I thought it was doable without losing my sanity. It was getting really stressful to say the least. I was working myself too hard and it was putting a strain on our relationship too because I’d spend all my weeknights doing uni work or falling asleep on the couch because I was so tired from working all day and then studying every night. Oh, and did I mention the mood swings? There were plenty of those too! (Just ask Jared!)

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So I made the decision to drop down to part time study for next semester! This means I’ll be going from 12 contact hours a week to just 6 contact hours, which will make such a difference! 6 hours is so much more doable than the 12 hours. I can’t wait for next semester now because I know I’ll be less stressed and be able to enjoy the subjects more. I wish I had thought to do it from the beginning! I honestly think the biggest reason that I didn’t want to drop down when things first started to get tough was my pride. I wanted to be able to do it all, but at what cost? Was it worth draining myself to that point just because I was too stubborn to admit I couldn’t cope with it all? No, it wasn’t. It really, really wasn’t. I’m so glad I put my precious pride aside and dropped to part time. Now it’s just a matter of getting through the last half of this semester!

To help me survive, I spent my blogging break getting myself caught up on my lectures and assignments! Could this potentially mean the end of “Last Minute Laura” and be the start of “Organised Laura”? It’s early days yet, but I’m hopeful! ;)

I spent more time with Jared.

We even got ourselves out of the house for a date night! That’s right, we got out of our bathrobes and ugg boots and went outside at night to have dinner. It was an achievement and a half. I hate bracing the cold weather and Jared hates leaving the couch and prefers his food to be delivered. It was a joint effort, and it was totally worth it. We got a Groupon voucher for Base & Bowl and had ourselves pizza, pasta, caprese salad (my favourite kind of “salad”) and the most amazing homemade flatbread and dips and a bottle of wine for $49. We also stopped for a take away coffee to keep ourselves warm on our walk home. It was a beautiful night and it reminded me how much fun date nights are! Here are some iPhone photos from the night! 

Apartment Hunting.

And lots of it! Our apartment is in the process of being sold and even if the new owners decide to keep us, our real estate has advised us that the rent will most likely increase by $50 a week to match the market price of our area (something we can’t really justify paying). We’ve been lucky to not have any price rises in the almost 2 years we’ve been there, so we couldn’t really complain. I was so sad at first at the thought of moving, because we both really love the place. But I am getting a tiny bit excited as we are due for a bit of a shift in life and what better way to shake things up then with a big ol’ move right?

I ate lots of food, and didn’t take photos of it.

giphy (1)

It felt weird at first. If I ate something and didn’t blog/instagram it, did I really eat it? Well yah, I really did eat it. Without any likes, filters, comments, recipe writing or frantic plating presentations. And it was awesome. It was really refreshing to not have to worry about all that all the time, but I’m ready to get back into it now and can’t wait to start (over)sharing every morsel of my meals with you all again!

I did some stuff for me.

I watched all 5 seasons of American Horror Story back to back, because a) I’m a creep and b) I got totally hooked within a few episodes of the first season and just could not stop. Any other creepers out there that like that AHS? Nope? Just me? Well, I loved it. And I’m sad the next season is still being made. Binge watching TV shows is one of my all time favourite guilty pleasures, and I’m really glad I indulged in some these last couple of weeks!

Also, Jessica Lange is freakin’ amazing in all of the seasons she’s in. 


I also got myself a haircut. It was so needed. I had this horrible mullet… thing, and it was really dragging me down and making me feel really shitty about myself. I don’t care if that sounds insecure, it’s truly how I felt! So after weeks of putting it off, I finally got one and it felt so-freakin-good. If there’s something you know that will make you feel less shitty about yourself, no matter how silly it might sound to others, just go do it. Why not do the things that will make you happy? Go get that haircut. Go get that pastry. Go get your nails done. Go get that massage. Whatever it is, do it. Because I did, and it was worth every dollar to have my self esteem back.

And most importantly… THE BLOG GOT A FACELIFT!

I changed over the theme and did a little bit of re-organising to make it a little more user friendly on PC, tablets and smart phones. I also had a new logo designed by the lovely Shonelle at Paper Brew. She was really sweet to work with, and I’d recommend her! I thought the blog needed a new look to suit the new direction I’ll be heading in which will really focusing on sharing tips on how to lead a healthier and happier life through the magic of simple, nourishing and wholesome meals and embracing the beauty of a balanced lifestyle instead of those crazy fad diets.

I’ll also be posting really handy tips on things like meal prep (should you/shouldn’t you/how to best go about it), stocking the pantry, grocery shopping and basically how to fit it all into a busy lifestyle.  In my fortnightly newsletters I’ll actually be sharing with you more in-depth stories about my own personal journey to finding that place of balance, and to answer any questions you might have or discuss any issues you might want some help with! How does that sound??

If you’d like to sign up, the link is here:

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Of course I’ll still be occasionally sharing things like date nights, random photos of my cat, funny GIF’s (I only just learnt today how to insert them into my posts and I feel like my mum when she learnt how to use an iPhone for the first time), updates on my studies/work/life in general as well, so don’t worry about that! My days of oversharing my life are not over yet!

I hope you enjoy what’s to come! Before I jet off though, I would love to know if there’s anything that you currently love reading on this blog, or if there’s anything you’d like to see more of! I would love your feedback, so please feel free to comment below or email me at

I hope this week brings you abundant love, light and choc chip cookies. (Mmmm cookies).




  1. so glad you took the two weeks off! also, we’ll need to see that haircut! ;)

    1. Me too! I feel totally rejuvenated again! Ahhhh soon :). I’m still getting used to it myself! xx

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