Daily Eats: A Day Off

Though I don’t get to do these kinds of posts daily anymore, I still love checking in when I can to share the things I’ve eaten throughout the day. I’ve had lovely feedback recently from some of you readers saying that you enjoy these recaps, as it helps give you ideas for your own meals.Read more


5 Day Reset: Reflections

I completed my 5 Day Reset last week, and I feel like in that short amount of time I learned so much about my body and my mindset towards different things. To recap what I did, I basically removed caffeine, refined white sugar, gluten, alcohol and dairy from my diet and instead focused on moreRead more


5 Day Reset: Recap Part Two

Well, that’s it! I’m done! In that short period of time, I learned a lot about myself, my mindset towards some foods and just my body in general (how it feels when I eat/don’t eat certain things). I’ll be sharing a full reflection soon on how it affected my mind and my body and also howRead more