Available for Nutritional Consultations!

So I mentioned this a little in my last post, but now that I’m getting so very close to finalising all I need to start practicing, I thought it was only right to give it it’s very own post!

I AM GOING INTO PRACTICE. That is both the most scariest and most exciting thing I have had to announce in a very long time!

I’d actually been putting off getting into practice since graduating because I was so bloody terrified and just riddled with self doubt, I just didn’t think I was good enough. Which was silly, because deep down I know I have the knowledge, I just like to overthink things and get in my own way.

But over the past year I feel like I’ve really grown in confidence, and because of that I now feel ready to push those fears and self doubt aside and jump straight into it! I’m still nervous and scared, but also incredibly excited too!

I’m still getting the last little things together, but I will available for consults VERY SOON!!

At the moment though, I’m just taking expressions of interest so I can gauge my upcoming client load and see how many days I will need to dedicate to practicing. 

If you’ve been wanting to:

  • improve your health
  • regain balance in your life
  • learn more about how to create healthier meals for yourself or your family
  • make peace with your plate and improve your relationship with food

Or maybe you just simply want someone to chat to about your health in general? I’m all ears!

Location wise, I’m in Sydney and I’ll be practicing in a clinic room in Marrickville a few days a month. Otherwise, I am also going to be offering Skype consults for those who live outside of Sydney or for anyone who finds it difficult to travel to the clinic!

If this interests you, then please send me an email on: consultswithlaura@outlook.com

I can then send you more information on what I can help you with, what you can expect from a consultation and pricing schedules too!

Thank you everyone for all of your support, I truly appreciate it from the bottom of my heart!

Laura x