Weekend Recap and Bacon, Kale & Mushroom Mac n Cheese!

Bacon Kale and Mushroom mac n cheeseI’ve had such a busy but wonderful weekend spending each day with family and friends, and although I’m exhausted and a little hungover right now, my heart feels incredibly full of love and I would do it all over again in a heart beat!

On Friday, my girlfriend brought her little boy over and I cooked them lunch. We hadn’t seen each other in a few months, so it was really nice to be able to finally catch up on stories and life events over lunch and coffee!

That night Jared and I went down to my mumma’s place for my grandma’s farewell dinner. She was jet-setting off to Laos to spend time with some of our family. My parents, my sister and her little family, my aunty, uncle, cousin, myself and Jared will all be heading over to join her in November which is so incredibly exciting! To send her off, mum cooked up a big pot of pho noodles and we had a few glasses of wine.

We stayed the night and the next morning after having coffee and breakfast, Jared and I left to go have a lunch date, which was nice as we hadn’t gone on one in a while! Then we bought some take away coffees and took them to his parents place and surprised them with a little visit! They were heading off to watch the Tottenham game that night, so we didn’t stay long. Just enough to enjoy our coffees and catch up.

After that we headed to my girlfriend’s house. She has had two beautiful kids in the course of just a few years, and hasn’t had much of a chance to have a night out in that time. Her last night out was about 2 years ago, so her hubby offered to look after the kiddies for the night while myself and another girlfriend of ours took her out for a girls night! The boys stayed behind to keep him company, while we headed out for a night of pizza, countless glasses of wine and so much laughter. I think I was in stitches from laughing for 90% of the time!

I woke up today feeling a bit worse for wear, but this weekend has given me such good memories that I honestly can’t really complain at all! Nothing in this world beats quality time with the people you love, nothing!

I don’t want to leave without sharing this delicious little recipe though! When my girlfriend came over on the Friday, I knew I had to make the meal “kid friendly,” so I figured mac n cheese would be a good idea! I mean, what kid doesn’t like mac n cheese, right? It just wouldn’t be one of my dishes if I didn’t add some extra nourishing bits though, so I spiked it with some other goodies like sautéed organic kale, free range bacon and mushroom, and using organic milk and butter in place of the regular kind and I also used gluten free pasta and flour alternatives as well.3The sauce was made by heating the butter and flour together on a medium heat until a paste has formed, then adding in the milk mixture in half a cup at a time, stirring well and making sure it’s all mixed each time before adding more milk. Once all the mill was added, I took it off the heat and added the cheese and seasoning in. 4 5 6 7I then just added in some cooked elbow pasta and sauteed veggies to the sauce, mixed it all up, poured it into a baking dish and topped it with cheese and almond meal. I have found that almond meal is a great gluten free replacement for bread crumbs in mac n cheese because it still goes all golden and crunchy, just like bread crumbs.8 9 10. 11. 12.Despite my gluten free swaps, and the addition of veggies like kale and mushrooms, it was still a hit with her little boy (and us adults too!). Jared joined us for lunch as well, and there was none left! That was a pretty good sign to me that the recipe was worth sharing!2015Hope you have enjoyed your weekend as much as I have!

Big love,

Laura x.

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