Beating the Dreaded Hangover… Naturally!

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I’m doing something a little different today and handing the blog over to my friend, colleague and nutrition guru Nanci (as I’m sure you’re all due for a break from me!). She’s going to be chatting to you today about how to recover from a hangover! I’m such a believer of living a healthy, balanced lifestyle, which includes eating well and exercising regularly as well as enjoying a glass (or 3) of wine on the weekends. Despite being a Nutritionist myself though, sometimes even I need a reminder of just how healing food and nutrients can be – especially after a night of depleting them! This article is just the reminder I needed to hear, and I hope you find it as interesting and helpful as I did! – Laura xx

Introducing Nanci!

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Hi everyone, I’m Nanci! I’m a holistic Nutritionist from Sydney who believes strongly in the power of food as medicine, not only for the mind and body, but also for the soul. My interest in nutritional medicine was sparked by a curiosity about the link between mental health and the food that we eat. When I’m not working at helping at my client’s be their best selves, I enjoy marrying my love of delicious, nourishing food with hot yoga, travelling, dancing samba and time outdoors!

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Beating That Hangover!

So, you’ve had one too many. It’s a feeling most of us are all too familiar with, and makes us swear we will never cause ourselves so much pain again. Of course I’m talking about the morning after the night before- the dreaded hangover. Let’s talk about how to bounce back with class (and not with a greasy kebab).

Keep Drinking!

…Water, that is! You may lose the ability to purposefully drink water during your night out, so try and have a big glass before you leave the house – and if you can, before you hit the sack. This will make the world of difference, because when we drink alcohol, it turns off our anti-diuretic hormone, meaning that we head to the bathroom a whole lot more!

Try and avoid coffee (sorry!) and caffeinated tea the morning after, as they are also diuretics and burden the liver. Instead, opt for coconut water, herbal tea, hot cacao, and ALWAYS, plain ol’ filtered water.

Mg’s of Mg!

Magnesium is an important mineral/electrolyte in our bodies, and as discussed in my previous blogs is responsible for a range of vital functions in our bodies, such as blood sugar control, muscle relaxation, hormonal activity, and mental and bone health, to name a few. Due to alcohol being a diuretic, we lose a lot of this wonderful mineral in urine, which can compromise our body’s ability to function well. Getting on the drink a lot? Chronic use of alcohol can also deplete our body’s stored magnesium too!

Give this recipe a try to help restore your magnesium levels:

Magnesium Rich Smoothie:

  • 1 tbsp cacao powder
  • 1 tbsp of raw cashews
  • 1 cup berries of choice
  • CocoQuench Milk

Don’t forget to B yourself!

B vitamins, like magnesium, get excreted through urine during times of alcohol consumption – but that’s not all! The B group are a huge contributing factor when it comes to supporting liver health, and because our liver is put under a huge amount of stress trying to detoxify the potent toxin that is alcohol, they get used up quite quickly. Each B vitamin plays a slightly different role when it comes to correct function of our mind and body, but they all work synergistically and need each other to work (like a soccer team).

For a B rich breakfast:

  • Sautéed mushrooms
  • Wilted spinach
  • Poached egg (make sure the white is cooked through and the yellow stays runny!)
  • Alfalfa sprouts
  • Sprinkle in nutritional yeast flakes
  • Slice of sourdough optional (I’ll be taking this option every time. Yum.)


Alcohol, diuretic, you get it – however it’s important to note that its not just water itself that we’re wasting. We lose our very important electrolytes, sodium, potassium, magnesium and calcium. Here’s the run down on why it’s important to restore them:

Potassium – fluid balance (specifically sodium), nerve and muscle cell impulses, involved in bile production, heart function, insulin synthesis, macronutrient synthesis, alkalising.

Sodium – fluid balance (specifically potassium), muscle and nerve function, regulates blood pressure in correct ratio.

Calcium – structure of bones and teeth, cell signalling, cofactor for enzyme reactions, balances magnesium, hormone secretion, muscular contractions, fat and protein digestion.

Magnesium – (discussed above)

Try this Hangover Choc-Caramel Smoothie:

  • Banana (potassium)
  • Cacao powder (Magnesium)
  • Tahini (calcium)
  • Pinch of sea salt (sodium)
  • Coconut water (all of the above)

It’s crucial to note that excessive alcohol consumption decreases EVERYTHING in our body, so it’s important to nourish yourself well the next day. Moderation is key, but I believe in an effort to practice self love, minimal/no consumption is best. Choose your drink/s wisely on a night out, and if drinking is a therapy for you, there is a way to tap into what’s really going on and free yourself without causing more harm.

Good vibes party people!

Nanci xx

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Beating the dreaded hangover...