(Belated) Mother’s Day BBQ

Hey lovelies, I hope you’ve all been enjoying your weekend so far!

My sister and her family were up from Melbourne for the weekend, so we decided to take advantage of the fact that we were all together to have a belated Mother’s Day celebration!

We planned for my parents, my brother, my sister and her family all came over to our place for a BBQ yesterday for lunch and to also stay for dinner as well (it’s standard to have an all day eating event when we’re together!).

In the morning, I got some things ready for the BBQ. I made some skewers from marinated beef and veggies. I always make my own skewers for BBQ’s because it’s so easy, cheap and I get to choose what goes on them. Skewers from most supermarkets are well over a dollar a stick and have nothing but crappy bits of meat drenched sauce. I like to load our skewers up with veggies for some added nutrition and because I love the taste of grilled veggies. Yesterday the meat was marinated in 2 tbsp each of oyster sauce and tamari, wedges of onion and lots of cracked pepper. I put on 2 cubes of meat on each stick alternated with pieces of carrot, green and red capsicum, mushroom and onion.



I also made a garden salad with lettuce, grated carrot, sliced cucumber and crumbled feta (I added the dressing just before we ate and that was just olive oil, lemon juice, salt, pepper and mixed Italian herbs) and a pesto pasta dish from GF pasta, basil pesto, fried chorizo and crispy bacon. 


When my family arrived, they came loaded with more food as per usual! My mum brought over a tonne of mushroom because she knows my sister and I love them, and my sister brought over a giant dish of seafood fried rice, her homemade chilli and lime sauce, wine, chips, a dozen oysters, grapes and fresh squid. 


My mum cleaned and scored the squid for us. My sister and I love watching her do it, she’s so quick but delicate with it! We gave it to Jared to throw on the BBQ after the skewers. We also had some veggies leftover from the skewers, so my mum sliced up half the mushrooms she brought and mixed them together so they could be sautéed on the BBQ in some leftover marinate.

Wine was served as well. The guys hung out on the balcony taking care of the BBQ, us ladies chatted away at the table, snacking on chips and grapes and my nieces made themselves at home in my living room, watching cartoons on my couch and being all round cuties. I missed these faces! I haven’t seen them since Easter and won’t see them again until October :(. It sure is hard living in a different state to your sister.






image3 (1)


The lunch spread was amazing, everything ended up working so well together! So many delicious tasting dishes and lots of wine and laughter to go with it!



The first of many plates for me! I just could not get enough of the calamari and homemade chilli sauce together!


The rest of the afternoon was spent chatting away and trying to let our food digest so we could fit in dinner. (It was impossible really, because we’re all grazers and I’m pretty sure we were picking at the lunch leftovers all afternoon!).

My brother in law and Jared also went for a walk late afternoon and brought us all back coffee, which was perfect to fuel us through all of the talking we had to do!

Around 6:30, I put on the roast chooks. I stuffed 2 free range chooks with butter mixed with minced garlic and dried mixed herbs between the breast meat and skin (it’s how I keep it juicy and flavoursome), popped some lemon wedges in the cavities and let it roast slowly for I’m not sure how long. (I was too busy chatting to keep track – perhaps somewhere between 1.5 hours and 2 hours).


While the chooks were roasting, we enjoyed the delicious oysters my sister brought. We had them with lemon juice and a good drizzle of her homemade chilli sauce. I can’t believe I used to “hate” oysters (I had never tried them, I just didn’t like the look of them). I’m so glad I got over my squeamishness and tried one 2 years ago, because now I love them! ESPECIALLY with that chilli sauce. 


We had the roast chicken with my sister’s seafood fried rice, which was awesome as usual! And of course, the chilli sauce was drizzled over everything! We love our chilli! 



We were all stuffed by the end of dinner. I couldn’t eat anything else. I had cheese and crackers that I bought for snacks and no one could fit it in. We all sat around and talked until they absolutely had to go. (As in one niece was already asleep and my dad was not far behind her!).


It was instantly quiet when they all left, and though I was so happy to spend time with everyone, it was also really sad because I knew that we won’t get to do this again for at least another 5 months. 

BUT it gives me something to look forward to. We’re hoping that I can take a couple of days off work in October when it’s my niece’s annual spring fair and spend the weekend plus a day on either side of it with my sister and her family. My parents will also be trying for the same thing. Fingers crossed we’ll all be able to make it, it would be so fun!

Questions for you!

  • Totally belated, but did you do anything special for Mother’s Day?
  • Is food a big part of your family get togethers? For us it definitely is. It’s how we’ve always spent our time together! Eating, drinking wine and repeating until we are ready to pop. And I wouldn’t have it any other way!


Hope you enjoy the last bit of your weekend, I’m off to work on an assignment (that’s due tonight – eep!!!).