Hunter Valley Anniversary Trip Pt 2: Breakfast at Emerson’s Cafe

We woke up on Saturday incredibly well rested, relaxed and ready to get some more delicious food into us! Since we had already tried out the Tapas Restaurant at Tatler the night before, we decided to venture to Emerson’s Cafe & Restaurant located on the Adina vineyard, which was right across the road from us!

We sat outside so we could fully enjoy the beautiful weather. It was so nice to sit out there, sipping on some coffee and looking out over the vineyards!



An older lady who worked there and had escorted us to our seats earlier, saw me taking photos of Jared and offered to take our photo. She was so cute, trying all angles and viewpoints to get a nice photo of us. It was so hard trying to take a serious photo while watching her almost falling into a hedge at one point because she was determined! So although this photo is a bit blurry, it’s still one of my favourites from the whole trip because it captured such a funny moment! 


Not long after our “photoshoot” ended, our breakfast was served. Jared ordered the Barry Brothers thick cut bacon, mushrooms, spinach, poached eggs and sourdough, and I ordered the lambs fry, spinach, fried egg, balsamic onions and house made rosti. 

emersons cafe

It was my first time trying lamb fry (liver), and I loved it! My mum follows the traditional Lao style of cooking, and that includes a lot of nose-to-tail cooking (where all parts of the animal are respected and eaten, rather than wasted) and so I’ve had chicken, pork, beef and duck liver many times while growing up. This dish made me think of my mum, and that made it just that more enjoyable!

emersons cafe

Jared’s breakfast tasted as good as it looked. I had a bite of his bacon, which was perfectly crisp and crunchy on the edges. His mushrooms were even better. I ended up trading him most of my spinach for most of his mushrooms, I couldn’t get enough of them!

emersons cafe

Overall, it was such a great dining experience. Such friendly, fun yet efficient and polite service, the food was divine and not overpriced, and the location was beautiful. It was all so good that we decided we’d go back the next day and try their lunch menu! (But that’s for another post!)

Laura x