Brunch, Bubbas & Bathrobes

I had the day off today, so I thought it would be a good chance to invite a couple of my girlfriends over for brunch! They’re both mums, so they brought their little kidlets too. I love it when they come over! Even thought I know my place is most likely going to get covered in crumbs, spills and toy cars, I love the time I spend with them and their mumma’s too much for me to worry about what state my apartment is in by the time they leave! Plus, their cute faces usually mean I can’t really get angry at them for anything. (I’m sure their mumma’s would disagree though, haha!).

But honestly, look at all of these faces. How could you possibly get angry with any of them?111227 18 1926To feed the tribe of mums and bubs, I made some mini omelette cups, cheese croissants and some cheese and crackers.

One of my girlfriends, Amber, lives out on some beautiful farm property and her parents actually raise their own cows, chooks and pigs. Well, they did have pigs. The pigs have recently “left” the farm, and now their fridge and the fridge of some of their friends are full of beautiful, organic and free range pork. She brought some bacon over and I couldn’t get over how amazing the quality was. And I felt good using it because I knew exactly where it came from (in fact, I’d seen the actual pig plenty of times at her home) and that it lived a good life in great conditions. I think if you’re going to eat meat, that should always be a priority.4She also brought over the last of her silverbeet. She has the cutest garden set up, with beautiful produce growing out of old wheel barrows in her yard. But unfortunately the winter frost had gotten the better of a lot of her greenery, so we were really lucky to get the last of it!

I cut the bacon and silverbeet and used them both in my omelette cups! To make the cups, I basically just pre-heated the oven to 200 degrees celsius, greased a 12 hole muffin tin with some organic butter, sauteed the bacon and silverbeet in some butter, divided them into the tin (leaving 4 silverbeet free for the boys) and topped them with eggs that I seasoned with tamari and pepper and a sprinkle of cheddar cheese.

Normally it would be 1 egg per omelette cup, but my eggs were quite large, and the muffin tin holes were small, so I only needed 8 eggs for 12 holes. I also poured my egg mix into a large measuring cup with a spout to make pouring it into the holes easier.5 6 7 8 9After 15mins of baking, they were done! I left them to cool in the tin while I made the croissants.10 15The croissants were incredibly easy. For starters, they were store-bought. Yes, store-bought. Not homemade, not gluten-free, not sugar-free, just your run of the mill, deliciously indulgent store-bought butter croissants. Because amongst all the goodness, you have to have a naughty option. You just have to.

I cut the butter croissants in half and added some sliced cheddar onto the bottom halves. I popped them into the oven at 200 degrees celsius for 5mins, then popped the top halves back on and warmed it up for a further 5mins. To serve, I just cut them into 3-4 bite sized pieces. 1 2 13 14And  just for good measure, I also served up some garlic and chive cream cheese with some organic buckwheat crackers. 16 1721 22The littlest bubba enjoyed the croissants immensely, judging by the look of happiness in her face and amount of crumbs in her lap!2328 29Not much was left of the food by the end, which I always take as a good sign! Nothing is better than sharing good food with good friends. I don’t care how cheesy that sounds, I honestly believe it to be true.

Throughout the day, we also had plenty of cups of coffee and tea. But after lunch, we had some hot chocolate with marshmallows which Amber brought over. I havent had a hot chocolate with marshmallows in so long!! I felt like a kid again!24Apparently Amber really enjoyed her hot chocolate, haha! She’s too cute! 25OH, and the bathrobe thing? Well, that was something she came up with. Basically it was a rule you had to wear your bathrobe and/or PJ’s for the brunch. It’s probably one of her best ideas, second only to the hot chocolate and marshmallows.

After everyone left, my apartment was so quiet. No kids running/jumping around, no loud chatting with my girlfriends. Just quiet. It was like a tornado had come into my apartment carrying with it laughter and chaos, and just like that it was gone again!

I’ve since cleaned up, washed the dishes, showered and am now sitting down with a glass of wine with a smile on my face as I reminisce about how lucky I am to have such beautiful people in my life.

Laura x