Love Your Guts Part Four: How your gut controls your cravings

I introduced the microbiome in my last Love Your Guts instalment, and today’s post we look into just how much control they have over us and what we eat. To grasp this crazy concept, we first must have to look at the kind of world that they’re living in.  The Warzone I used to think itRead more

Love Your Guts Part Three: An Intro to the Microbiome

This week we’re delving right down into the microbiome, which is the vast and incredible world that lives mostly in your small intestine. It’s a big, big topic, and we will cover it over a few weeks (and even then, I feel like we’d really only be touching on the surface of it all!). ButRead more

Love your guts part two: The benefits of prebiotics

I think we can all agree that amongst this gut health movement, the buzzword of the moment is definitely “probiotics” or anything linked to the good bacteria living inside of us. And while I could talk for hours on end about them, I feel like we have missed one crucial element. Another word that isRead more