Christmas in Melbourne

The past week has absolutely flown by for me, anyone else feel like that? It’s only just started to slow down the last couple of days, but tomorrow we’ll be heading out once again, this time on a camping trip for New Years with some friends.

While I’ve got some down time, I thought I’d share some snaps from our Christmas in Melbourne. 

(I saw this on Facebook earlier this week and had a little giggle. Jared and I have been asking each other non stop all week what day and date it is because we’ve completely lost track)


I wrote in my last post about how we had planned to drive down to Melbourne on Christmas Eve. We left at about 9:30pm, and made it to my sister’s place just outside of Melbourne by about 8am. It really is only about a 10-11 hour drive, but we took a few stops along the way so that Jared could stretch his legs. He also had a power nap a couple of times too, it’s pretty tiring driving overnight and I didn’t want him to risk falling into a microsleep, so we stopped to let him sleep for 15-20mins whenever he felt tired.

Upon arrival, we were greeted with coffee courtesy of my brother in law, a tree full of presents and extremely excited nieces who were waiting to open their presents from “Santa.”


My brother in law and Jared volunteered to put on Santa hats and hand out the presents. They were hilarious, and we laughed pretty much the entire time.













This was quite easily my favourite photo of the day of the two, they look like such a happy couple together. My sister and I couldn’t stop laughing! 


We all got a couple of small things from each other. My sister bought me a bikini and wallet, and my parents bought me a new summer dress and red lippie (one of the few make up items I like and use). And Jared got a shirt from my parents and a JB Hi-Fi voucher from my sister so he can get himself a new game. I love that we don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars on each other each year, it’s more fun just being together and spending time with each other I think!




After the present unwrapping, my nieces played with their gifts while we prepared some brunch. Dad cooked up some eggs, and the guys cooked up some sausages and bacon on the BBQ. We had them with sliced bread, bread rolls, chutney, chilli sauce and soy sauce. It was so good!! Jared and I halved a slice of bread as neither of us felt like filling up on bread when there was too much other food to be eaten!



After breakfast, my sister and I went out to the backyard so she could show me her new veggie patch. I couldn’t believe that the last time I was here, this spot was nothing more than a big dirt patch! She had so many things growing in there now – beans, chillies, cherry tomatoes, zucchini, squash, cucumbers and various herbs. Amazing! She definitely inherited my mumma’s magical green thumb (something I am severely lacking in!).





(If you enjoy gardening, she has an instagram page called @earth_thyme if you want to see more of this amazing veggie patch). 

The rest of the morning was spent enjoying Christmas presents. My nieces played outside with their 3D chalk that I bought them and the guys played the Star Wars chess set that my brother in law got for Christmas. We couldn’t stop laughing at them. It was hard to take them seriously while they were sitting in my nieces’ little pink and red seats and tiny table!





I made up a cheese and pate platter and my sister, mumma and I just relaxed with some wine and chatted away!



I had also brought a big block of Darrel Lea Fruit and Nut Rocky Road chocolate that one of our clients at work gave me. My sister is the only person I know that enjoys fruit and nut chocolate, so we happily shared it between just the two of us! We ended up cutting a bit off every day I was there for dessert.


We were all so caught up in what we were doing, that we ended up having to eat an early dinner instead of lunch.

Mum made up a fruit platter and a chilli noodle salad. The noodle salad was made in the same sort of way as our traditional papaya salad, except instead of papaya, we had noodles. She also added some blanched cabbage and greens, cocktail prawns and cooked calamari and sliced pork meatballs to dress it up a bit. It was amazing!





My sister made a seafood fried rice which was so full of flavour and veggies. It was also a massive hit with everyone!

Jared also cooked up some prawns, calamari and chicken skewers on the BBQ to add to the feast! Mum also made her famous chilli ginger dipping sauce for the prawns and it seriously brought back memories of summer at home when we were younger. 



Mum made us these cute frangipani garlands to wear (which she picked from her garden) and I made us all some summery cocktails from mangoes, oranges, coconut water and white rum. It was such a festive dinner!

(Taken from my Instagram page @onedishaway)
(Photo taken from my Instagram page @onedishaway)









So festive in fact, that this poor kiddo fell asleep on the porch not long after dinner, haha! I was surprised he lasted this long after driving all night! (He’s also probably going to kill me for posting this photo!).


He went to bed not long after, and my dad, brother and brother in law all were in bed before midnight. My sister, mumma and I and drank coffee and stayed up until 2am listening to mum’s stories about her childhood.

I was exhausted by the time I joined Jared on the fold out lounge, and fell asleep within minutes of putting my head on the pillow. But I couldn’t have asked for a better way to spend Christmas Day. 


I hope you all had a great Christmas, filled with lots of love, laughter and delicious food! And if I don’t catch up with you again before the new year, I hope you all have a fantastic new years eve, stay safe and enjoy!

Laura xx