Chunky Potato & Lentil Lasagna

I know it’s Wednesday, but I feel like I’m still recovering the weekend! Jared and I had a friend’s wedding, which was celebrated on a boat in the middle of the harbour in Sydney. It was absolutely stunning! We had such a great time, enjoying the view and the endlessly flowing champagne!




There was also an “afterparty” held in the city after the cruise, and we also attended that. We didn’t get home until 5am, and so Jared and I just laid in bed and watched the sun rise together before falling asleep. Sunday was spent curled up on the couch watching dinosaur documentaries, eating take out and reminiscing on our night. I couldn’t have asked for as better way to end our weekend. And even though my feet are still a bit sore from dancing all day/night, I had such a good time!

Monday was a day of catching up on housework and cooking up some nourishing meals like this Chunky Potato and Lentil Lasagna. It was very, very welcomed after a weekend of champagne and take away!






 I basically gathered all the veggies I had laying around (sweet potato, regular potatoes, kale, black zucchini, silverbeet, garlic and onion), a tin of organic lentils and some tinned tomatoes and passata together into a pot. I left the veggies chunky because 1. I was too lazy to finely dice everything after a day of houeswork and 2. I love being able to taste all the individual bits of veggies.

After simmering the sauce for 15mins, I layered the sauce with some gluten free lasagna sheets, topped it all with grated cheese and popped it into the oven to bake for 20mins. Bubbling, golden cheese, soft layers of gluten free lasagna sheets and deliciously chunky veggies. It was a welcome sight (and smell!).







 I served it up with a simple chopped salad with tomato, cucumber, a bit of super finely diced onion and a good drizzle of olive oil and balsamic vinegar. Not the fanciest side salad I’ve made, but it made good use of the last of our veggies and it tasted pretty fab!

I hope you enjoy the lasagna as much as we did!

Laura x

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