Corn Chip Crumbed Pork Fillet

Firstly, I just wanted to say thank you to those that sent lovely messages on Instagram and to the friends that texted me after I posted yesterday’s blog post. It made me feel all warm inside, especially the messages from people who were having a similar day and found comfort in knowing they weren’t alone. Sometimes it’s nice to bare one’s soul in the hopes it will bring sunshine to another! So, from the bottom of my heart, thank you everyone.

I do feel a lot better today though! It’s a brand new day and I’m a bit more ready to attack the day than I was yesterday! I started it by enjoying  a nice bowl of my Chocolate Peanut Butter Nice-Cream topped with stovetop granola and organic hemp seeds and a mug of coffee in my favourite T-Shirt (a Flight Facilities tee Jared surprised me with at Laneway Festival earlier this year).19 20Our 12 Days of Feel Good Eating has been going pretty well so far too! I’ve had no cravings for gluten, sugar, junk food or alcohol so far, and the only negative feedback I’ve had is that Jared was getting a bit hungry/tired in the afternoons as he’d been staying back at uni and didn’t have enough food to keep him going until he got home. So to rectify that I packed him some extra snacks to keep him better fuelled. And told him to drink more water, he’s not having enough! I also had a bit of a tummy upset this morning, but I think that was simply from drinking my coffee far too quickly (too much info, perhaps?).

We’ve both been quite active this week too, which I’m really proud of us for. I’ve been to a 75min yoga class, plus we’ve both been walking as much as possible. Yesterday we met up after college/uni and walked around the city and got off the train one stop further and walked home. We walked over 5km in total (plus I’d done about 2.5km that morning too). It’s so nice to be able to share moments like that together, it’s so much more motivating I think. We then feasted on cucumber and carrot sticks, all natural corn chips (only ingredients are corn, oil, water and salt) and chilli hummus. As you can tell, he very much enjoyed the hummus. This is coming from the guy that never even knew what hummus was before he met me! So proud of the lifestyle changes he’s made, all without my need to pressure him. Just his own want to better himself!8 9 10The pride I felt towards him continued with the dinner he made us last night. Yep, that’s right. He’s still trying to cook once a week and I couldn’t be happier. Last night he used the leftover natural corn chips we had, crushed them with a pestle and mixed it with some almond meal, some freshly picked rosemary and sea salt and pepper. Then he dipped some beautifully sliced pork fillet in a whisked egg, then the crumb mixture and fried them up in a little olive oil until nice and crunchy on the outside and cooked on the inside. He then served it with some oven baked roasted veggies and sauerkraut. Beautifully balanced dinner with a great mix of protein, veggies and even some prebiotics in there to help with digestion. I think this would be a great crumb mixture to use as a delicious and healthy alternative to pre-packaged/boxed crumbs for chicken nuggets, fish fingers or schnitzels!11 12 13 14 15 16 18I hope you all enjoy your Friday! I’m off to enjoy a couple of hours of “me time” before I’m off to work for the afternoon. I usually have Jared take me to work or I catch the train, but you know what? I think I’ll put my joggers on and walk the 5km there instead!

Stay motivated and stay beautiful,

Laura x