Creamy Pumpkin Pasta

It’s pumpkin season and we have not been short of it! It comes every week with our veggie box and I’ve been adding it to all our slow cooker meals and stove top soups. But I decided to do something different with it last week for meat free Monday and turned it into a creamy pasta sauce instead.

I just steamed the pumpkin, sauteed some onion, added the pumpkin to the onion, along with stock, coconut milk, loads of chilli flakes, salt and pepper and let it all simmer together for 20 minutes.






Once it had cooled slightly, I blitzed it all with my hand blender into a nice, creamy purée. It would have been delicious as a soup just like this. But Jared has this weird thing where he just assumes a soup like this couldn’t possibly be very filling. I don’t know, is that just a guy thing? To them, are bowls of soup like this only for dainty females who don’t eat very much? I personally don’t think so! For starters, I am far from dainty, and my portions are far from small! I’d be very happy with a big bowl of this with some crunchy sourdough to slop it all up into my very unlady-like mouth. So who knows? I’m putting it down to it being a wierd guy thing! *shrugs.*




After puréeing it, I stirred through some cheese and pasta and garnished it with some herbs picked from our balcony. It was so deliciously creamy and comforting! A real hearty winter dish, without any meat required! I also love the kick that the chilli flakes give it. Definitely warms you up from the inside out!


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Oh, and Jared loved it! We both had seconds, and he practically inhaled both his bowls. Safe to say this one was a hit with the both of us, and when a veggo meal is a hit with Jared, I know I’m onto a winner!

Hope you enjoy the recipe as much as we did!

Laura x

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  1. This looks amazeballs!
    And I can totally relate with Jared cos I am the one that thinks soup can never fill me up! LOL
    Really gotta give this soup thinga majig another go! (or maybe add some pasta into it :P)

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