Daily Eats: The Long Weekend Edition

If you’re in Australia, some of you may have been lucky enough to have just had a long weekend thanks to the Queen’s Birthday holiday yesterday! I am so grateful to say that I’m one of the lucky ones! It’s funny, I was reflecting the other day on what long weekends have meant for me over the years. If you had known me years ago, they would’ve meant drinking and partying every night. This eventually slowed down, and then for a while, it meant trips away with either our close friends or just the two of us, somewhere on the coast or at a winery. And now, well this one just meant a bit of relaxing, catching up on home things, spending quality time together and catching up with our close friends for one of the days. I used to be so scared of getting older and of change, and more often than not now, I find myself opening my arms nice and wide to it all. It feels much better this way, I think!


On Saturday morning, I got up at 6am to feed Severus (his hunger waits for no one), and I crawled back into bed for another couple of hours, switching between napping and scrolling through my phone. It was nice to just be lazy and not feel rushed to be anywhere. When the coffee craving crept in, I woke Jared and he made us both coffees to enjoy in bed together.

When we started to get hungry, we got up and ready and went to Waringah Mall for some food and shopping. Our brunch was Sumo Salad and Remedy Raspberry Lemonade Kombucha. For my salad, I got a leafy chicken and avo salad and the veg bolognese. Whenever I’m presented with multiple options like at Sumo Salad, some kind pasta always seems to make it into my mix. It always fills me up better, and I just really enjoy pasta!


We did a bit of shopping (mostly the window kind, but still enjoyable all the same!) before we headed back to Mosman. Before going home, we stopped into Bridgepoint to get a few things. We were both craving a coffee at this point, so we stopped into Le Breton Patisserie, one of our favourite local cafes. I was so happy to see that I had a free treat AND a free coffee to redeem on my loyalty card. I’d been eyeing off all their pastries since we started going there and now was my chance to try one for free! I went with the snail, a sweet pastry favourite of mine! It didn’t disappoint! The pastry was flaky and had the right amount of sweetness. Jared had a bite, and I somehow finished the entire thing. You can se how much I was enjoying by the fact that I was already well into it before I remembered to take a photo. Such a satisfying and tasty treat!


After our coffee stop, we went and got some food and drinks for that afternoon and to take to our friends place the following day. Jared chose some wine, and I filled our basket at Harris Farm with loads of goodies in the form of various cheeses, smoked meats and crackers. 


When we got home, we put the groceries away, did some housework then I got stuck into some gardening. At our old apartment we had a tiny balcony and no room to have any plants. With our new place, we’ve finally got the space and I was so glad to have the time this weekend to put some work into it! (I also enjoyed a glass of Shiraz while I was working, so good!)

When I came inside, I saw these two on the floor together examining Jared’s new board game he bought while we were out. These two, they seriously make me smile.


When the afternoon hunger struck, I made us up a cheese platter to enjoy out on the balcony. There was some double cream brie, vintage cheddar, Maggie Beer’s duck and orange pate, Italian prosciutto, brown rice crackers and Sicilian olives. We ended up getting more crackers and prosciutto after I took this photo. We hadn’t eaten lunch so this was extra satisfying!


The rest of the evening was just spent relaxing together. We watched Scrubs, drank wine and I eventually made dinner at about 8:30pm (the cheese platter held us over for quite a while). I had picked up some frozen pumpkin and sage ravioli at Harris Farm which I cooked then tossed them in a pan of sautéed bacon and kale, added a couple of dollops of sour cream, some salt, pepper and chilli and stirred that though. Simple, hearty dinner! We ate this curled up on the couch, watching mire Scrubs and that was our Saturday night!  


On Sunday morning we had coffee and scrambled eggs with sourdough for a simple breakfast. I also had leftover pate and brie on my toast, yum!


Then we packed up some cheese, meats and wine and went to my girlfriend Candice’s house for the day. She was cooking us and two of our other friends a THREE COURSE MEAL. I couldn’t believe it when she first told us. We’re usually all so casual with our get togethers, having things like BBQ’s and the like. So this felt so special! (She told us it was all possible because of her Thermomix, but with 3 little kids underfoot all day, I still think that’s nothing short of a miracle even with a Thermie!).

Entrees were zucchini and corn fritters and satay chicken skewers, then we had beef curry, homemade roti and a veg risotto. We ate until we could barely move, it was all so, so good! 




We took a breather after this, and sat around chatting, laughing and drinking wine together. When our stomachs had settled later that afternoon, we then grazed our way through a cheese platter. And then to cap off our night, Candice brought out dessert – chocolate mousse and raw caramel slice! I was so full of chocolate and love by the time we left! We don’t hang out as much as we’d like to these days because we’re all so busy and in different stages of our lives, but whenever we do get together, it’s like nothing has changed. I love friendships like that, and I always feel so grateful for them because these girls really do keep me grounded and sane.

Jared and I got home just before 9pm that night, and I ended my night on the couch with more Scrubs, a few crackers and leftover pate and a cup of tea!

I was going to add in yesterday’s eats to this post too, but I’ll leave that for another post as it was the first day of 5 DAY RESET and  I think it will be easier to follow if I keep those in their own separate posts!

I hope you enjoyed my Daily Eats, Long Weekend Edition and I hope your weekend was also filled with delicious food and quality time with people you love.

Laura x