Date Night at Moonlight Cinema

It’s my first Saturday off in months, and here I am awake and blogging at 7:30am! I was also in bed and asleep by midnight last night. I know, I’m so wild, haha. I am however, heading out on the town with a girlfriend and her gay friends tonight for Mardi Gras though, so I’m glad I got a night of rest and relaxation yesterday! I needed it after feeling so tired and run down all week, and judging by the fact that Jared is still snoring away at the moment, he must have needed it too after his big week at uni. I think he’s still trying to adjust to the workload and what’s expected of him in his first term and every now and then he gets a little stressed, like anyone would I guess. Which is why I was so happy to see a smile on his face when I surprised him yesterday with a night out at Moonlight Cinema. Poor guy had been at uni for a solid 11 hours and to be able to spoil him a little was a good feeling.

Before I met up with him though, I had packed a whole bunch of food for us to munch on so we wouldn’t have to line up for food or pay the crazy prices they most likely would have been. I posted my list yesterday of what I wanted to take, but ended up making a couple of changes here and there.

For snacks, I cut up carrots and cucumber into sticks, and packed with it some store bought chilli hummus (no nasties in this one – just chickpeas, chilli, tahini. lemon, garlic and olive oil), a small wheel of brie and all natural corn chips. And our more substantial meals were sushi rolls filled with cooked Australian quinoa, mixed organic greens, cucumber and smoked salmon and a pasta salad made from corn/rice spiral pasta stirred with some pesto (not home made this time unfortunately) and topped with sea salt, pepper and slices of hard boiled organic eggs.healthy date night healthy date night healthy date night healthy date night healthy date nightI packed it all into a cooler bag, bought us a bottle of red wine and some plastic wine glasses, grabbed a blanket and packed it all into another bag. I felt unusually prepared. Everyone who knows me knows it is odd for things to go so smoothly. I’m definitely famous for forgetting something or having something out of the ordinary happen to me! But at this present moment, it felt I had it all under control.6I met up with Jared near his uni, and we caught the train to Bondi Junction and walked over to Centennial Park where the outdoor cinema was. It was beautiful! I have never been to a proper outdoor cinema before, and neither had Jared. So it was really nice to have that first experience together. Here we were, in the middle of a gorgeous tree lined park, with a large screen and people sitting/laying around eating, drinking and laughing away. It was a really nice atmosphere!moonlight cinema moonlight cinema moonlight cinema17 moonlight cinemaNow,it was at this point after we settled in and started munching away during the previews that Jared wanted to crack open that bottle of wine to celebrate our night out. Then he posed the biggest question of the night… “Did you bring a cork screw? You know this bottle of wine needs one, right?”

And boom! There it was, the infamous Laura moment he knew, and I knew, and hell, everyone else knew, was going to happen. I just stared at him, then we both burst out laughing. Of course this would happen! I pack everything else, choose a wine we both love to celebrate, even buy glasses to enjoy it in…. and forget the device to actually open it! Ah well, you win and you lose some, eh? Plus, it provided for a good story as well as a lot of laughs last night so it wasn’t all bad!

Oh, and here’s a photo of me and the wine we didn’t get to drink, haha!Processed with VSCOcam with b5 presetAnd some more photos of us goofing around. We actually took so many photos of us, but most of them are blurry or full of terrible face pulling/laughter because Jared can’t take a serious photo to save his life and in turn I start laughing and shake the camera!Processed with VSCOcam with b5 preset Processed with VSCOcam with b5 preset Processed with VSCOcam with b5 presetThe movie watched last night was The Imitation Game, and I’d never heard of it up until yesterday. Loved it though. It’s based on the true story of the mathematician Alan Turing and how he helped crack Nazi codes to win war battles. Jared loves that kind of stuff, so I thought it would be perfect. What I didn’t expect though, was to get a little teary. Call me a softy, but it really did pull at the heart strings for me. The movie was based around a time where being homosexual had you publicly shamed and jailed. It was sad, and I found myself getting emotionally caught up in the main character’s life and the hardships he had to face even though he helped save so many lives.

I thought it was fitting that it came out on the weekend of Mardi Gras, where homosexuality, bisexuality, asexuality and transgender is celebrated. I was still a bit sad though when I walked out the movie to think that it was based on an era so long ago, yet there there is still discrimination in today’s society on non-heterosexuals. Sure, in most countries there is no longer jail time for it, but there is still an enigma about it. Even here in Australia, a first world country, we still haven’t legalised gay marriage as it’s not recognised as proper union. I know everyone has their own views on this, and I don’t want to start any controversy or debates or anything like that. It just baffles me that some people don’t understand that gay people are still just people, but with a different preference on who they are attracted to. And that they didn’t ask to be that way inclined, it was just the way they were born. Much like I was born attracted to boys. It is no different. And who are we as a society to say that one person is not allowed to love another person simply because they are of the same gender when it hurts no one else? It’s just mind boggling.

I’m sorry to add something a bit heavy to my post today, but it really hit home with me last night and unfortunately my uncontrollably passionate nature forces me to spill out my thoughts and feelings through every outlet possible.

To brighten things back up, I’m now off to wake the sleeping beauty up so we can go for a morning walk to our favourite local cafe for a spot of breakfast/brunch (depending how long it takes me to get him out of bed and into some pants, haha). I hope you all have a wonderful weekend, and if you’re out for Mardi Gras in Sydney tonight, enjoy yourself and be safe!

Laura x