Dinner at Arisun Restaurant

It was mine and Jared’s four year anniversary on Thursday. Four whole years since he tried Indian food for the first time, and I thought he had indigestion because he was red-faced most of the night, but as it turned out he was merely trying to work up the nerve to ask me to be his girlfriend. He’s such a sweetheart.

I booked us a trip to the Hunter Valley to celebrate in a couple of weeks time, so I wasn’t really expecting to do anything or get anything. But when I got in the car on Thursday night after work, I was surprised with a bag that had a little black dress inside (which was a perfect fit – I was equally shocked and impressed at that). I was also told that we would be going out for dinner on Friday to Arisun Beer House and Restaurant. Again, what a sweetheart. 

Arisun is a Korean restaurant in Strathfield (there’s also one in Haymarket, Sydney) that we’ve been wanting to try out since we moved closer to the area last year. It’s right the near station on the main road. It’s a very casual restaurant, but we’ve had our fair share of fine dining this year, so it was nice to go somewhere more casual and relaxed.

I noticed it also had an outdoor patio out the back which I think is like a beer garden. We sat inside though because it was so cold, but we did say we’d be back in the summer to enjoy the outdoor seating in the warmer weather.


We ordered the fried pork and chive dumplings and a bottle of red to start. The dumplings were deliciously crunchy and the filling was flavourful. The only had one type of red wine and it was a Jacob’s Creek Cabernet Sauvignon, but it was really nice and I enjoyed it. It’s definitely something I would buy to drink at home.



For our mains we ordered the Pork Belly and Kimchi Stir Fry For 2 and the Marinated Beef and Vegetable Hot Pot to share. As always, we ordered way too much. The hot pot was double the size that we expected! Such great value for money. And it was all so incredibly tasty!

The hot pot is served on a little gas burner, and inside the large pot was broth, raw veggies (which included tonnes of mushrooms – just the way I like it!), clear potato noodles and thinly sliced marinated beef (also raw). They turn on the burner for you, pour over any extra broth if needed and then they leave it to simmer.

I love that it’s so fresh and you get to see it being cooked right there at your table. They also came over often, stirring it for us, adjusting the heat and making sure it was all ok. Really great service on their behalf!



The pork belly and kimchi stir fry was served up in a ceramic bowl nestled in a little wooden box, which I thought was really cute. They also served up little side dishes of the kimchi and pickled radishes, which they topped up for free during the course of the dinner.





We had so much food leftover, but we just packed it all up to take home for lunch today I haven’t even had breakfast yet, and I’m already excited for lunch!! We also found out they made their kimchi in-house, so we bought a container to keep at home too. Let’s see how long that lasts!

All in all, we had a really great time there. The staff were very polite and attentive, the food was incredible and really great value and we can’t wait to go back! It actually wasn’t until I looked them up this morning that I found out they’re famous for their fried chicken. So, I know what I’m having next time we’re there!

Laura x