Easter Long Weekend Recap: Food, Family and more FOOD!

Hello my loves! How was everyone’s (long) weekend? I’m personally struggling to get back into the groove of things after being spoiled with sleep ins, endless hot cross buns and mum’s home cooking for most of this weekend. But this double shot almond milk latte is definitely helping me feel more human already!

We had such a cracker of a weekend, my heart hasn’t felt so full in a while! On Friday, we went to the Easter Show (recap here>>) and then came back and spent a little time with Severus before we had to leave him. It was going to be our first (of three) nights away from him since we got him 3 weeks ago, and we were both not looking forward to it. I think he knew, because he wouldn’t leave my side that afternoon! 

After filling his bowls up with enough food and water to last him the night, we left him to head to my parents place (which is about an hour away from us). We got there not long before my sister and her Motley Crue arrived (herself, my brother in law and my three nieces). They had driven up from Melbourne and we were all staying my parents for 2 nights. It was our first gathering since Christmas in Melbourne (recap of that here>>) so it was all very exciting. We’re a close family and I really do love the times we all get together as it’s much less frequent now with my sister living in another state.


Mum cooked us up a big Laos style feast as per our request! A lot of traditional Laos food is so complicated to prepare, and no restaurant ever cooks as well my mumma, so we always pig out on her cooking whenever we see her. She cooked up her famous grilled lemongrass chicken, grilled salmon cutlets, chilli mushroom relish (I’m not sure what else to call it really – but its made from enoki mushrooms, roasted tomatoes, chillis and other spices and seasonings and mixed together with a mortar and pestle and then topped with fresh coriander leaves and is one of mine and my sister’s all time favourite dishes), a roasted tomato chilli relish, steamed Asian greens and her homemade pickled greens (also another favourite of ours).


Dad also made some sticky rice to go with all the dishes (which is kept in woven baskets at the table). He also made us post dinner coffees too – one of our family traditions!

We ate, laughed and chatted away until about 1am. I love seeing my sister, because she just gets me, you know? Plus, we’re studying very similar things at the moment. I’m studying Naturopathy, and she’s doing her Bachelor of Complimentary Medicine degree (a course I’m planning to do after I finish Naturopathy), so it’s awesome being able to chat endlessly to another health nerd about nutrition, herbs, new natural beauty products we’ve discovered and everything else in between.

On Saturday it was mum’s birthday and we had booked a table at Nick’s Seafood in Darling Harbour for lunch to celebrate. To start the day though, we had hot cross buns for breakfast, then explored my mumma’s backyard.


I know I talk about my mum’s garden all the time, but it seriously the best garden. Partly because I have such fond memories of my sister and I playing there when we were younger, but also because there’s always exciting things to see.

Like this dragon fruit flower!



Her guava tree is also getting so big!



And her lime tree and banana trees are still going strong after all these years. I forgot to pick some limes to take home and I’m still regretting it now!



My sister, mum and I (plus a photo bomb by my youngest niece).


The two people I’d be lost without!


My youngest niece!



On the way to lunch, I had my parents stop in at our place so I could check up on Severus and give him some more food as we would be away for the night again.

Nick’s Seafood was brilliant, but I’ll be doing a separate post tomorrow on that because there was so much delicious food and cocktails I want to tell you about, and it just won’t fit in this post!


Why is my head so square in this group photo?? I noticed it and pointed it out to everyone, and we were all cracking up about it for a solid 10 minutes. My brother in law proceeded to photoshop me with some block heads from Gumby (do you remember them??), which made us all laugh even more. 


After our lunch, we walked around Harbourside and did some shopping. Well, us girls did the shopping and the boys did a lot of sitting around, haha! I scored a new winter work dress for $20 and a casual summer dress for $2! I know, I’m a big spender!

After that we went back to my parents place and my aunty, uncle and cousin joined us for birthday celebrations. Dad gave mum a break from cooking and ordered pizza for everyone. The boys pigged out, but my sister and I chose to have the leftovers from the day before. We figured you could order pizza at anytime, but mum’s home cooking is harder to get (and MUCH more tasty!) so we planned to get our fill of it!



The rest of the night was spent sipping on cider and wine and playing board games with my sister, brother in law, Jared, my brother and cousin while our parents and my aunty and uncle chatted away in the next room. We felt like big kids again! It was so much fun though, I’ll take this over adult responsibilities any day!

Sunday morning was my favourite. Dad made his famous breakfast treat, which is a traditional Laos dish made from sticky rice shaped into disks, dipped into an egg mix and then fried. It’s amazing and totally indulgent! It’s like French toast but with sticky rice. SO GOOD! We were eating them up so fast that Mum had to help him out, haha!





I had two of them, with a side of the enoki mushroom relish and mum’s homemade chilli and garlic dipping sauce. 


The Easter Bunny also visited that morning. While the kids were distracted in the house, Jared and I hid a whole bunch of eggs in the backyard.

(This Easter Bunny appears to be missing his bunny ears, but he made up for it with messy bed hair and a cute face!)

27 (2)

We also brought over 3 wire baskets filled shredded paper and left them in plain sight so they would see them when they walked out.

They were ecstatic when they realised the bunny had visited! My mum has the best backyard for egg exploring too, which made it all the more fun for them. There were so many places to hide the eggs, it was really cute watching them run about!









Just Jared and I being super cheesy. 



It was really sad leaving everyone after the Easter egg hunt, but my sister was leaving soon anyway and we had to get back to Severus before heading over to our friends place for an Easter BBQ. I think my parents were the saddest though, their house would have been so quiet that afternoon. Mental note = visit parents more often!

We went home and hung out with Severus for a couple of hours, fed him and I also prepared some stuff to take to the BBQ. I made a pull apart garlic and cheese loaf (on the blog later this week) and a homemade pesto pasta salad.



My friend who hosted the BBQ made an amazing roasted pork belly with crackling and roasted pumpkin and our other friend brought over a traditional Nicaraguan bean and rice dish. It was all so good! We spent our day feasting on the food and even played a couple of drinking games later that night (which I lost both times – how does that happen??) before we all went to bed just after midnight because we’re all getting old!

Our Monday, our lunch with Jared’s parents got cancelled so we hung around at our friends place for a little while longer before heading home. I was glad we had no plans, because it gave us a chance to do some grocery shopping, cleaning, meal prepping and most importantly – kitty cuddles (something I missed so much over the weekend).



It was such a great weekend, and although I’m tired today from being so busy, my heart is full of love and gratitude for the people in my life.

Before I head off, I would love to know:

  • How was your weekend? What did you get up to?
  • Did you indulge in some delicious hot cross buns/chocolate/Easter feasts?
  • Do you miss your pet when you’re away from home too long? Please tell me I’m not the only crazy pet owner out there!




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  1. I adore your weekend recaps, I feel like I was taken along with you on this fun weekend! I spent Saturday with my family and did the big egg hunt after a spit roast lunch, but sadly had to work on Sunday (though I did make it in the morning to my in laws to watch that side of the family have their egg hunt!) Monday was a home day with our dogs and we popped out to look at some furniture and inspiration for our house. Chilled and good to spend a day around the house :) Glad you had a great Easter!

    1. This makes me so happy to read! It’s really lovely hearing when someone enjoys reading my recaps, because I genuinely enjoy writing and sharing them so much! It’s a shame you had to work, but happy to hear to still got to enjoy a spit roast (I do love a good spit roast), Easter Egg hunts (my favourite part!) and ad quality time with your pets too! Also, furniture shopping is always fun, but dangerous for us. We go to Ikea to “look around” and “get inspiration” and always end up coming home with a trolley of stuff!!!

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