Rainy Monday + Easy Weeknight Gluten Free Pizzas

It was such a nice, relaxed kind of day today. I woke up to grey skies and a sleeping boyfriend, both of which making it extremely hard to get out of bed and go to college. In the end, they won. I know, I know. I definitely need to get my butt into gear and start attending all my classes again! But not today. Once Jared lands himself a full time job, luxuries like sleeping in together may not come around as often as we’d like. And to be honest, that was the main reason that convinced me to stay home. And that’s a valid reason, right?1 2We spent our the start of our morning watching the rain, drinking coffee, listening to Ed Sheeran on repeat and even fitting in a cheeky little slow dance in the living room. It was bliss. Sweet, sentimental bliss. Definitely worth staying in for!

 Afterwards, I cooked up breakfast – free range eggs cooked in organic butter, with a side of organic kale and onion sautéed in more butter, turmeric and smokey paprika. And of course, another round of coffee.3 4He then relaxed, searched for jobs and played his computer games while I worked on some upcoming blog things and my assignments.

Lunch was really simple because I was far too lazy to be fancy. I made a sort of bibimbap bowl type dish. It originated from a lunch  I made last week, which was basically rice, mixed raw veggies, sesame kale salad and runny eggs and served with a chilli soy sauce. I’ll post the proper recipe for that one later this week, promise! Today we had the same, except without kale as we were out, and Jared’s had leftover chicken curry from our dinner last night. I stuck with eggs because I prefer them, and also because it’s Meat-Free Monday for me. We also had miso soup on the side!5By the afternoon I was starting to get a bit of cabin fever. I love our apartment, but I hate being inside all day. I needed to get my body moving and my head cleared. So I dragged Jared out with me for a walk through the park. The rain had cleared, and the air was nice and cool. It was a perfect afternoon to be walking. We even saw some kookaburras casually hanging around!image (25)

We ended up walking 4.5km, with a stop in the middle to get a few things at our local deli/green grocers. We didn’t get much produce as we get ours delivered to us, but we got some things to fill the fridge and pantry – basil, passata, rice noodles, tasty and mozzarella cheese, Old Time Bakery’s organic GF wraps, brown rice, Australian garlic, baby portabello mushrooms, dried chickpeas and jasmine rice.6 7Dinner tonight was pizzas! After my failed attempt at gluten free pizza last week, I was determined to have a good pizza night tonight! I used the wraps that we bought as the bases, and they worked really well. They were a nice texture, went nice and crunchy when baked (and not soggy like some wraps do) and the ingredients list looked pretty good to me! All certified organic ingredients and no weird additives in it! They were a little pricey ($6 for a pack of 4), but I feel they were worth the price.8I just made a super quick pizza sauce by mixing tomato paste with diced garlic, spread it on the wraps and topped with loads of goodies. Mine had capsicum, baby portabello mushrooms, Sicilian olives, regular basil, purple basil from our garden, and a bit of grated tasty and sliced mozzarella cheese. Jared had the same but with pineapples and pancetta. 9Jared has actually been pretty good with doing Meat Free Monday with me, but we had so much leftovers/opened food in the fridge that needed to be used up asap (like the curry chicken and the pancetta slices, that he took it as a pretty good excuse to skip it this week and eat it all!

I also ended up making him two pizzas, because one is never enough for him! I then baked them all in a pre-heated  oven at 180 degrees Celsius for 10mins, which was just enough time for the cheese to get all oozey and the wrap to go all crunchy.10 11 12I also added crushed walnuts and pumpkin seeds to mine after the baking to add more good fats, protein and vitamins/minerals to it! That, along with the cheese, the denseness of the wrap and taking my time with eating it, it was a actually a surprisingly filling dinner. And delicious. Can’t forget that! I think I’m going to stock up on these wraps next time I’m there (you can freeze them) for quick pizza nights like this when I just can’t be bothered to make a dough from scratch! Because hey, I’m only human after all, right? 13 14I’m off to enjoy the rest of my night now. Which probably will involve some herbal tea, dark chocolate, the couch, a movie and the boy.

Night all!

Laura x