Hunter Valley Anniversary Trip Pt 3: Exploring Tatler Vineyards

On Saturday morning, I woke up at about 7:30 (a sleep in for me – my body clock seems to usually wake me up at 6:30am no matter what day it is) and enjoyed some quiet “me time” before Jared woke. 


I went to the kitchen and put the kettle on. The kitchen was stocked with loads of tea, coffee, milk, juice and even a loaf of bread. Unfortunately dairy milk and processed white bread both don’t sit well in my body, so I skipped those and went to the tea and coffee box instead. I love tea and they had a big selection of herbal and black teas to choose from! So I made myself an orange and cinnamon tea and walked out to the balcony.



It was so peaceful, and the view was just incredible. It made me wonder what it would be like to be able to wake up to something like this every morning. I would love to live on a small vineyard, spending my days making/drinking wine, growing olive groves, a small citrus orchard, raising a few chooks (maybe even children too?), writing and creating my days away. One can dream, right? 



At about 8am, I could hear the dull clanking of plates, pots and pans coming from the cafe downstairs and cars started pulling up not long afterwards. I stayed for a little while longer enjoying the scenery and listening to the growing hustle and bustle downstairs, before heading inside to wake Jared. 

We went to Emerson’s for breakfast, then walked back and explored the grounds. Their vineyard was small, but beautiful. I had a lot of fun frolicking about it, taking photos!





We then walked back up to our loft and opened up a bottle of the Tatler “Over the Ditch” 2013 Semillon to enjoy before lunch. The loft is actually stocked with one of each of the wines available down in the cellar. When you stay, you get one of your choice for free, and the rest are the charged at the same price as the cellar prices. There’s no mark ups in prices (which is the usual case at hotels), which I thought was great!



When we started to get a bit hungry, we wandered downstairs and got ourselves some lunch. Their special of the day was fried zucchini flowers and I couldn’t resist. I have such a weakness for zucchini flowers, so every time they’re in season I order them wherever I can. It’s a treat I happily indulge in!



The batter was perfectly light and crispy, and it came with a spicy mayo and zucchini and capsicum salsa. It was delicious! The only thing that could’ve made it better was if it was stuffed!

We weren’t in the mood for a big lunch, so we decided to just get their fresh, crusty bread and a cheese platter and graze instead of ordering more tapas. Their cheese platter usually comes with vintage cheddar, double brie and gorgonzola, but neither of us are big fans of blue cheese so we asked if they could swap the gorgonzola for another cheese. They ended up replacing it with gruyere instead (a lovely choice!).


It also came with fruit, quince paste, walnuts and rosemary crackers. It was delicious! 


After lunch, we walked over the bar and enjoyed some wine tasting with Paul (who runs the cellar). We met Paul on our first night when we picked up the keys. He definitely made us feel welcome right away with fun and easy going nature! We were only going there to taste a few wines that afternoon, but ended up staying for an hour, tasting about 10 different wines and having a good old laugh with him. If you’re looking for a serious wine tasting, this is not the place to go. If you’re looking for something fun and good natured, this is the perfect place. I love seeing people enjoying their jobs and having fun with it. Paul was definitely one of those people!

We didn’t want to leave, but we had dinner plans and had to get ready! We did tell him though that we were already planning to come back with some friends because we enjoyed our time so much. Having a nice place is one thing, but I think the staff is what makes it really come alive. And that’s definitely the case with Tatler!

Thank you for the great service, wine, food and accomodation Tatler, we will definitely be back soon!

Laura x