First Sunday of 2016!

It’s the first Sunday of the year, and Jared and I have spent the better part of it relaxing in our makeshift fort in our living room, soaking up the last day off we have off together. Jared goes back to work tomorrow, but I don’t return until the 11th, so I’ll be spending my time getting our study room organised, writing down my goals for this year (I’ll share those once I’m done) and finally getting stuck into my Naturopathy course. But that can wait until tomorrow, today is all about relaxation!

We spent three days and two nights over the new year period camped out in the middle of Colo for a music and arts festival with some friends and it was absolute bliss! We chose a spot away about 10-15minutes walk away from the festival so we could be close enough to still enjoy it, but far enough so that we could also not be interrupted by too much noise and properly enjoy the serenity of nature.

For the whole time there, we lived off fresh fruits we brought from home, drank coconut water, made rum cocktails (which was thoroughly enjoyed on new year’s eve!), ate delicious vegetarian food from the festival stalls, went bushwalking barefoot and experienced “earthing” on a whole new level, listened to great music and made friends with the loveliest people. It was an absolutely wonderful experience, but we were definitely worn out by the time we got home yesterday. I guess it’s been a crazy couple of weeks for us!

Today we decided it would be a day of rest to recharge after a whirlwind festive period. We had an early night last night, then got up early today and enjoyed coffee in bed. Then we headed off to the shops to stock up on some food, as our fridge and pantry were pretty bare.


Usually we rely on our weekly organic fruit and veg box, but that doesn’t get delivered until Wednesday and we couldn’t wait that long. I love having a look in the “sale bin” at the green grocers, sometimes there’s fruits and veg in there that are perfectly fine, except for the fact that they’re not as “pretty” as the others. I ended up getting a bag of differently sized cucumbers, a small head of cauliflower and a bunch of ripe bananas for 99 cents each, bargain! 

It was so good to see my fridge looking full again!


We were starving by the time we put the groceries away, so I cooked up some breakfast while Jared built us a makeshift fort for us to curl up in! For breakfast I sautéed kale and mushrooms in butter, turmeric powder, chilli flakes, salt and pepper and fried up some free range eggs too.


How cute is the fort? Jared laid out a couple of our throw blankets on the floor to lay on, brought down all the cushions from the couch to lean/sit on and then brought out our big blanket from the bed in case we got cold.



We’ve been wanting to watch the new Star Wars movie since it’s release, but before we see it, we wanted to re-watch all the other movies. So today we got started on that! It actually started to rain today too, so it was perfect weather to be crawling under the blanket in our fort!


For lunch I made us some homemade salmon and avo sushi rolls. I used an organic rice mix that my mumma bought for me to try. It was a blend of jasmine rice and riceberry, which is a reddish/purple rice that’s a cross pollination of 3 different types of rice that is supposed to be higher in antioxidants than regular jasmine rice.



I cooked a cup of it just I would regular rice, and then stirred in a tablespoon of rice wine vinegar and a teaspoon of organic honey, and let it cool down.


While that was cooling, I cut up the veggies while I watched Star Wars.


I then brought over the nori sheets, some smoked salmon and the rice and rolled them up. I’m thinking of doing a tutorial for sushi rolling, please let me know if this is something that would interest you!



I served them up with wasabi, soy sauce and pickled ginger. We devoured it within minutes, it was so crunchy, fresh and delicious! And the rice was soft, lovely and aromatic. I’ll definitely be using it for sushi again!



For an afternoon pick me up, I decided to brew up the T2 spiced chai tea that Jared bought me for Christmas. I could smell all of the beautiful spices as soon as I opened the bag. I couldn’t wait to dig in!

I brewed each cup for 3-4minutes, then stirred in some organic honey and organic rice milk. It was divine!

Taken from my Instagram page @onedishaway.
Taken from my Instagram page @onedishaway.

We also had a small plate of leftover Christmas treats – chocolate wafers, organic chocolate covered ginger and some candied almonds. I’ve been making making us small plates like this since Christmas, so that we can still enjoy the treats we were given in small portions, and not be tempted to binge/overeat and in turn feel sick from all the sugar, which usually happens when we bring out a whole container/box. A small plate with a couple of bites of everything, is enough to satisfy a sweet craving, and we don’t feel the least bit deprived because we know we can have another plate tomorrow or the next day if we feel like it.


We’re officially two movies down now, Jared has curled up for a mini nap while I’ve been blogging and as soon as I’m done, he’ll probably wake up and do the dishes while I cook us up a big pot of veggie soup for dinner (and for our third Star Wars movie, of course!). 


Hope you’re all enjoying your Sunday everyone!

Laura xx