Getting Back on Track!

You guys… I submitted my last assignment yesterday for my whole course. That’s right, my LAST ASSIGNMENT! It’s been a crazy two years, I tell ya. And it still feels so surreal that it’s finally coming to an end! It’s not official yet, as it’s our marking week this week. But I feel like it’s pretty much the end as I have no more classes or assignments left to do! I absolutely cannot wait to recieve my diploma, but that won’t be for a little while yet though so I’m trying to contain my excitement until then!

Today was the first day in two years that I had woken up without any assignments to think about. It was a weird feeling, and I honestly thought last night when I finally crashed into bed that I would be bursting with energy today and ready to tackle my day head on! Boy was I wrong…

Let me back track a little and make a confession. The month leading up to this very day have not been my finest food/fitness wise. I was drinking far too much coffee and wine, buying my meals rather than packing them, I hadn’t worked out at all aside from some walking and for the last week or 2, we’d been ordering out most nights as I was too busy with my assignments to cook (or so I told myself). I completely disregarded it all, knowing I had just a few weeks to go until I finished college.

I didn’t get out of it with no repercussions though, let me tell you. Aside from feeling sluggish and gross a lot of the days, I started noticing a few body parts of mine were a little more “jigglier” than normal and a couple of dresses a fair bit tighter. It’s funny, because this slight weight gain probably would’ve sent me into a shame spiral a few years ago. And now, well I just had a little giggle about it when I noticed. I even showed Jared, who also giggled at it.

The fact of the matter is, shit happens. Life happens. I shouldn’t have let my health slip to that point, but I wasn’t about to obsess over it and hate myself for it too, because I’m only human after all. Not superwoman! I figured I had two choices, and that was either have a cry about it, or just move on from it and get back on track with some nourishing food and exercise as soon as I could. Which leads me back to today, my planned day of getting back on track!

I must have really worn myself out with work and assignments this weekend, because I woke up at 9am today. 9!! I’m usually up at the crack of dawn (for no particular reason – I’m just one of those annoying morning people). I had planned to do a weights session this morning, but I listened to my body and it told me to take it easy today and ease my way back into it with the exercise part of it.

After having having a large glass of warm water with apple cider vinegar and lime, I made myself a bowl of caramel apple and cinnamon oats, with Mayver’s cacao peanut putter and some greek yoghurt to put on top, a soft boiled organic egg and a cup of coffee. Simple, nourishing and delicious. I’ll be doing a breakfast post soon where I’ll share a few different recipes, and this bowl of oats will be one of them!1After that I had a work meeting, so I walked to and from the train station as my light exercise today. It was almost a 4km round trip, and I got to see all the autumn leaves along the way! I do love a good walk!image (27)

I also picked up some groceries to fill up our pantry while I was out. I got some organic brown rice cakes, Naturis organic and gluten free buckwheat bread, and some veggie stock and organic beans for dinner tonight. I usually make my own stock, but I’d run out and hadn’t had a chance to make more. And although I have dried beans in my pantry, the amount of times I’ve forgotten to soak them the night before and didn’t have anything to use the day is countless. Today was one of those days. So I got one for tonight’s soup, and an emergency one to leave in the pantry. I also saw that they made organic baked beans and instantly craved them. I haven’t had baked beans in so many years, I just had to have some today for lunch.2I did “healthify” them a little though! I warmed up half a tin, and served it up with kale and mushies that I’d sautéed in some organic butter, an organic egg that I fried up in a little more butter and some grilled cheese toast which I made with some vintage cheddar and the buckwheat bread. It wasn’t quite the baked bean, cheese and white bread jaffle I used to have as a kid, but it was a lot better for me that’s for sure! Plus, it tasted pretty damn good!4 5 6 7Then I spent the afternoon tidying up the apartment so I could relax for the rest of the my week off without worrying about having to do it all. Jared has been doing bits here and there over the last week while I was busy, but a guy’s version of “clean” is just so far from my version of clean. It was driving me nuts, but it’s all done now and my mind feels clearer already!

I’ve currently got a big pot of pumpkin, beans and brussell sprout minestrone soup bubbling away that I really have to attend to now, so I best go! I promise I’ll share the recipe with you all tomorrow though! And can I just quickly say… It feels so damn good to be back eating good food and blogging about it again! :)8 10Laura x