Good Friday – Food, Wine & Spicy Chicken Stew

Ahh the long weekend! Even though I worked today, I had yesterday off and we had made plans with friends to go for a bush walk and hang out afterwards. I had been craving some time in Mother Nature, so on Thursday I went and bought a couple of things to take on our walk – triple brie and brown rice crackers (you know, the bush survival essentials) and set aside some fruit too.

Early yesterday morning though, I woke up to every bush walkers nightmare. Grey skies and heavy rain. Of course. I finally get around to planning a walk, and it rains! What are the odds?! I woke Jared and told him. He simply said to me “that’s alright, the universe probably has something better planned for you today.” I had to laugh! I’m always saying that to him!

So instead of venturing out, we decided to stay in and have a chilled out day. Started it off by having some scrambled eggs (3 eggs, 1 tbsp coconut milk, sea salt and pepper), organic kale + onion sautéed in organic butter and paprika and coffee.12 34We weren’t going to be home from Saturday through to Monday, so I basically just threw whatever veggies I had in the fridge I knew wouldn’t last all weekend into our slow cooker with some chicken thighs, a jar of passata, 2 cups homemade beef + lamb stock, a heaped tbsp chilli powder and smokey paprika, 2 tbsp tamari and lots of pepper to cook for 6 hours on low. And that was dinner sorted! (If you want to make this and chilli is not your strong point, I suggest halving the chilli and paprika or replacing it with your favourite non-spicy herbs and spices instead).7 810 9It was only about midday by this time, and I had nothing to do. I’m not used to having free time where I’m not planning/writing blog posts, at college, working on assignments, cooking or cleaning or working out (or a combination of all of the above in one day). Jared was content on the couch playing his computer games, so I plonked myself next to him, book in one hand, a green tea in the other, fluffy bed socks on my feet and curled up in my crocheted blanket my Mumma made me and just enjoyed my relaxing arvo. It was bliss!11

Photo taken from my instagram account @onedishaway.
Photo taken from my instagram account @onedishaway.

Lunch was just a big cheese platter made with the things I had originally planned to take on our walk, plus a couple of glasses of red!12Then we just played a few rounds of Scattergories until dinner was ready. I served up the spicy chicken stew with some leftover rice we had.131415 16It probably doesn’t sound like a particularly exciting day to most people, but I really enjoyed myself. Jared was right, the universe did have something better planned!

The rest of my weekend is so packed full with work, family and social events (I’m so busy that I’m currently writing this post on the car ride from work to my mumma’s house!). So it was really nice to have a day of complete and utter relaxation!

Thanks universe for looking after this busy bee and forcing me to slow down and rest to prepare myself for a crazy weekend!
I hope you’re all enjoying your long weekend! Stay safe, drink wine and eat plenty!

Laura x.