Goros Mary St: A Review

Oh, you guys. I have to tell you about a place I visited on Saturday night.

It goes by the name of Goros, and it’s a little Japanese bar/eatery tucked away in Mary St in Surry Hills. It’s honestly such a rad little place for drinks and a feed. I was offered the opportunity to reivew it last week, so Jared and I headed there on Saturday after I finished my killer 45 hour working week to treat ourselves and I was not disappointed.

It was raining, humid and just plain awful weather when we arrived, but we were greeted with really friendly staff and a great atmosphere, which made me forget all about the weather and my long week at work. I thought the actual bar itself was designed nicely. Japanese memorabilia and artwork filled shelves on the walls, and there was a DJ set up next to the entrance with a feature wall covered in magazine covers. It definitely fit into the “trendy” theme that Surry Hills is famous for.










The first thing I noticed was the unique drinks selection (I’m sure no one is actually surprised that was the first place my eyes drifted). Their beers were all Japanese, they had 12 different types of sake and there was no “generic” cocktail on the menu – they all contained really interesting sounding Japanese spirits and ingredients (wasabi salt rimmed glass, anyone?). They also had a small list of various wines as well, but they the only items not Japanese inspired.  

We ended up getting Matso‚Äôs Mango Beer and also a Honjozo sake shot each. The beer was delicious, and the sake most definitely got the body warm and gave my tastebuds a bit of a punch around (in a good way – if that’s possible?).






The food. Oh ,the food. When I think of a bar, I generally expect the food to be your usual steak/schnitzel/nachos type deal. But their menu was of course packed full of Japanese food – from your standard bento boxes to snack type foods like octopus balls and sushi rolls to fancier things like sashimi platters and even a set banquet type menu (which Jared and I have already planned to go back for).

We settled for the Sashimi of the Day (which is currently mullet), a pork bun, a soft shell crab bun, the crab sandwich and some tempura veggies.

Jared’s favourite was the sashimi. He adores raw fish, and he said it tasted really fresh and beautiful. I’m not very adventurous when it comes to sashimi. If it’s not salmon or tuna, I’m a bit wary. But I did give it go, and I have to agree with him. It did taste quite fresh and I really enjoyed my piece. 



Can you guess what my favorite was? Well, much like Jared has his sashimi addiction, I too have an addiction. And that is soft shell crab. My mouth was already watering before it came to our table. Soft shell crab. Tucked inside a delicious steamed bao bun. Shut the front door. It definitely lived up to my expectations. The crab was crunchy on the outside, soft and sweet on the inside, the bun was soft and perfectly cooked and even the little pickles tucked underneath it were delicious. My only regret was that we only ordered one soft shell crab one. 



The pork one was delicious too, Jared enjoyed that one more (as you can tell from the photos!). The lettuce and pickles in the buns made me think of burgers. But the best damn mini burgers I’ve ever had. There’s also king oyster mushroom bao buns, which I didn’t order, and I’m still kicking myself over.





The crab sandwich was a little different to what I was expecting, which was a regular sandwich filled with crab meat. But instead it was crab meat stuffed inside a sweet pastry bun. It had a unique, but really nice taste to it. I could’ve easily eaten more than one!


Not to leave the tempura out of the picture, it held up it’s end of the bargain pretty well too. Nice and crunchy batter and good assortment of veggies too!



All in all, a really enjoyable place to have spend a night. The food was delicious and decently priced too (especially if you all share the food), the drinks unique and the staff really friendly. Oh, and did I mention that they had crazy Japanese game shows airing on a small tv in there too? Well, they did. And it was hilarious! 

So if you’re looking for a new after-work drinking hole, or just a place to catch up with friends, I’d definitely recommend it!

Laura x

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