Grocery shopping and a look into our fridge!

Yesterday I was an adult that couldn’t be trusted to be left unsupervised (hello wine and pizza and general laziness). Today I totally made up for it by doing really responsible adult-y things. Really, I did! I even have the photos to prove it!

We started our day with coffee before heading out to get some groceries. We were running desperately low on staples, and I didn’t know how much longer I could go without cheese and milk. It was dire. Before we got started, we stopped in the Cherry Bean Cafe in Ashfield for some sustenance. Ever tried to do the grocery shopping (or any task for that matter) while hungry? It’s the worst and I try to avoid it at all costs.

Jared ordered a white choc mocha and the eggs benny, and I got a caramel soy latte and the “Alex’s Breakfast” special which had rocket, pesto risoni, mushroom, sundried tomato and a poached egg on sourdough. I also ordered a side of bacon, because why not right? It was my first time trying risoni and I couldn’t believe how good it was! I promptly added risoni and pesto onto our shopping list mid breakfast! It was all delicious, but incredibly filling. I finished it all except for the sourdough and ended up asking for a take away cup to pour my coffee into so I could slowly sip it and enjoy it as I was shopping.

We went to Woolworths first, then Aldi and were home and done before 12, missing the crazy lunch time rush of shoppers. WINNING.

These were our groceries!


From Aldi: 5x tins tuna, brown rice penne, sustainably sourced hoki fish fillets, brie, organic butter, country style ham, tasty cheese, 2x jars passata, brown rice cakes, organic olive oil, light rye vienna bread, celery, olive dip, croissants, pesto, truss tomatoes, 2x tins organic diced tomatoes, organic coconut oil, organic honey and fruit and nut mix.

From Woolworths: 2x boxes Billington’s dark muscovado sugar, Peckish natural brown rice crackers, Tetley orange and cinnamon tea, antipasto mix, Pure Harvest Coco Quench coconut milk, Australia’s Own Organic Rice Milk, Mayver’s natural crunchy PB, meat (we use it to grind for homemade cat food for Severus) and hot twiggy sticks!

Total cost of the groceries was $125 (including a bag of kitty litter and some dish sponges that I tohught I’d spare you the photos of). It’s a little bit more than what we usually pay weekly (anywhere from $50 to $80) because we had to stock up on so much stuff. And also because we wanted to get some snack foods for our picnic tomorrow like crackers, dips etc. (yep, we are venturing out of the house tomorrow to do exciting adult things!!) 

If you’re wondering why there’s so little veggies, it’s because we get local organic fruit and veg from Ooooby, which comes once a week on a Wednesday. This week it’s actually going to be delayed a day because of the public holiday, so we got some extra veggies like celery and tomatoes to get us through til then.

After our shop, I decided to finally clean out the fridge before putting anything else in there. Because a) it really needed a good clean and b) we’re going to be moving soon and will need to empty the fridge then anyway, might as well clean it now to make my life easier when we have to move it.

I did laugh when I saw this in the fridge. Limes in the egg tray instead of the eggs? Whaaaat? I asked Jared what his logic behind this set up was, and he stared at me blankly. It was a mystery to him as well.


I wiped down all the shelves, threw out anything that we’d forgotten about in the back of the fridge (all I can say is eww…..) and organised everything into sections.

Our fridge door: eggs, limes (lol – I’m still laughing at the limes in the egg tray) on top shelf, then stock, milk, LSA, hemp seeds and dark chocolate covered ginger (that I forgot about and now I may not be able to stop myself from eating everyday) on the second shelf, and last shelf with sauces and supplements.


Severus loves it when we open the fridge, he’s always so curious as to what’s inside it.


 In the fridge:

Top drawer: butter, cheeses (ricotta, tasty and brie), sour cream, homemade chilli jam and organic miso paste.

First shelf: dips and meat.

Second shelf: bowl of fruit (apples and pears) and egg noodles. 

Third shelf: veggies that are easily bruised (tomatoes) and veggies that don’t fit in the crisper (celery).

Crisper drawer: veggies (at the moment there’s rainbow chard, loads of mixed salad greens, zucchini, pumpkin, green beans and broccoli).

I felt 300 times better just looking at my fridge compared to how it looked before (I didn’t even want to take a “before” picture because it was so atrocious). How is it that someone that enjoys organisation so much, be so messy 99% of the time? I just. Don’t. Get. It.

I also re-organised the pantry so that it was easier to grab things without half the things on the shelf falling out. I’ll spare you the photos of that though, as it’s not great. It’s just better than it was before. Enough so that it will make my job of packing it up and cleaning it easier when we move.

I felt like a responsible adult afterwards. Well, more so than I did yesterday when the most productive part of my evening was feeding the cat. I can’t wait to move into our new home, wherever that may be. It will be a great excuse to really get my sh*t together and not have this whole “we’re moving soon so why bother” mindset.

I best be off now, assignment calls. You know, that assignment that’s due TODAY. What was I saying again about being a responsible adult?

Questions for you!

  • When was the last time you cleaned your fridge or pantry out? Don’t be scared, no judgement here! Confess!!
  • Are you a naturally messy or organised person? Or are you a weird, frustrating hybrid of both, like I am?
  • Where do you do your grocery shopping? Supermarkets? Farmers markets? Delivered? I would love to know!