Half Marathon Training Update: BIG PROGRESS!

I am so excited about this post! I ran my longest ever distance on Sunday and I am so, so proud of myself for it! Before I get too ahead of myself though, I’ll go through my other runs this week! Also, I totally deviated from my plan I made up last week, but it felt good to do so. So I’m glad I did! I really need to stop skipping weights though. I’ll do it this week, I swear…

Tuesday Run – 4.1km, average pace 7:14min/km. 

This one was a night run, with Jared joining me for it. It took me a while for my legs to warm up after my long run on Sunday, and so I just took it easy. It was a nice, comfortable pace.

Thursday Run – 4km, average pace 6:55min/km. 

Another night time run, but I felt so good! An easy run on Tuesday, and a rest day between that Tuesday and Thursday made a world of difference! My legs felt so good, and I managed to crack the 7min average for the first ever!! I was so proud of myself! I’m by no means a racer, and that mark is probably nothing to professionals, but it still felt damn good to hit that milestone and I was so happy with it!

Sunday Run – 10km, average pace 7:18min/km!!!

YES, 10KM!!!! I was in awe. I’m still in awe now, 2 days on! On Sunday, Jared took me to the Bay Run, it’s my favourite place to run at the moment. You’ll remember from 2 weeks ago, that I went for the first time and hit my 7.1km PB there! It’s a beautiful track and goes around for 7km with no stops. Jared didn’t join me this time, he just waited for me in the carpark (what a trooper – I would have died of boredom!). 

I decided to warm up with a 2min walk. I have this awful habit of not warming up or cooling down properly on a long run, so I decided to break that habit sooner rather than later. It was torture by the way. That 2mins felt like 20mins. I just wanted to run!

When I finally did start running, I did my best to keep it at a comfortable pace. One of my other habits is going to fast too soon and getting puffed out by the 3km mark. I stayed at an average pace between 7:11 and 7:20 the whole way (except one where I had to go up this dreaded hill that I hate, and my pace dropped by about 10 seconds for this km). I discovered that this is my ideal pace – it was comfortable, I could breathe with no problems and it honestly felt like I could go forever. My mindset was great too! For most of the run I actually didn’t think about much at all. I just enjoyed my music, my surroundings and had a really quiet mind for once! 

The only thing that was bothering me was my left ankle. I sprained it too many times to remember when I was younger and that’s left it a bit weaker than my right ankle. Usually at the 4-5km mark, it starts to hurt a little. Not enough for me to stop, but it is annoying. 

Originally I wanted to do just 8km, but considering how good I felt (other than my ankle), I decided to push on for 10km. I sped up for the last couple of km’s, because I knew I still had to cool down and I didn’t want Jared waiting too much longer. If I hadn’t of sprinted, I think I could have gone another 1-2km easy at that pace!

I walked for about 1.5km to cool down and by this point my ankle was grateful for the running break. I don’t know what I’m going to do with it. Maybe I just have to stretch/roll it more before and after and start icing it post run too to try and avoid injury.

I didn’t ice it on Sunday as I forgot. But I did foam roll and stretch my legs for 10 mins when I got home. (Severus is still not sure of the foam roller, he stares at it every time I get it out and then pounces on my foot and the foam roller after he decides he still doesn’t like it!). 

image1 (1)

It was such a good feeling hitting that 10km mark though. To know that my body is capable of such things (and hopefully more as I continue my training!) is just an  amazing feeling. It’s left me with such positive vibes and I hope this week brings some more good runs my way! 


Questions for you:

  • Do you foam roll or ice your legs/feet/ankles/knees after a long run? I always foam roll after along run, it helps so much with releasing tension in my calves and glutes! I have yet to try ice packs or ice baths post run though!
  • Are you running any races this year? If yes, which ones? I’m only registered for the half marathon at the moment, but I want to do the Sydney Harbour 10km in July and the actual Bay Run race in August before it too! Yep, I’m officially hooked on running!


I am currently raising funds for the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre as part of half marathon run! I would really love it if you could please visit the below link and read my story on my why I chose the ASRC as my choice of charity. I would really love it if you could please make a donation, even if it just $5. It is completely tax deductable, and every dollar counts. If you can’t donate, sharing the link would be a great help too! Thank you!




And before I go, I’ll leave you with a few awesome running quotes I found this week: