How to Stay Motivated!

We are well and truly into the new year now, and most of us have set our goals or intentions for 2016. But how do you stay motivated or keep yourself accountable for your goals? In this post I’ll be sharing both how I set my goals and also how I plan on reaching them!

Firstly, I wrote down my goals. I think seeing them in writing really helps to set your intentions and makes it feel more real. This year I broke my goals up into 4 sections – personal, relationships, financial and blog. This is my preference, but you can do it however you like, and write as much or as little as you wish. 

On the next couple of pages, I did up plans for each section on how I planned to reach those goals. It’s really easy writing down goals, but it’s so much harder to reach them without a plan. For example, one of my financial goals was to be completely debt free by Dec 31st. So I wrote down a budget, worked out how much I would need to repay each week and a plan on how I would do that.

The third thing I did was figure out how I would keep track of my goals. Some of them were easy, such as my personal ones. I had a goal that was simply to “do more things to nourish my mind and soul such as yoga or meditation before bed.” This was very broad, with no set amount of times I planned to do it etc. To track this, I would simply check in with myself every now and then and see if I’ve been doing it and how I’m feeling about it and whether or not I should  do it more. For things that required better tracking, such as the being debt free goal, I did up a simple spreadsheet on excel where I could put in all my repayments each month and see how much I had left owing on my accounts at the end of each month. I think that will be a great motivator because I’ll be able to physically watch the amounts decreasing each time.

After all that, I had to figure out how to stay motivated and accountable. My study is where most of the “magic” happens. It’s where I work on my college assignments and where I usually edit my photos and write my blog posts (when I’m not feeling lazy and doing it from my bed or couch instead – oops!). I wanted to make sure it was a creative space, filled with inspiration to help me reach my goals.

So I made sure the notebook with my goals in it, was kept on my desk so I can now flick through it whenever I want to, to remind myself of what I’m trying to achieve. I also pegged up some inspirational quotes on my wall for when times get hard. My favourite one on my wall at the moment says “storms make trees take deeper roots.” In other words, what doesn’t break you, makes you stronger. I love it! But above all, my favourite thing in my study is my corkboard, or “inspiration board” as I’m calling it now. I printed off some really beautiful comments from some of you readers that were posted on my instagram when I asked for some feedback on my blog. They’re there to remind me of why I work so hard, who I’m doing it for and what I hope to achieve this year (and beyond). It is incredibly inspiring to read them and see that all that I do is worth it. I hope to put some pictures and other things on that board in the future that inspire me too!

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I also put some around the apartment too. This was actually Jared’s request, as he wanted to feel inspired too but he rarely uses our study room. Now, everywhere we go in our place, we’ll see a happy quote to remind us that our goals are within reach and to keep working on them.

And lastly, I’m also putting a reminder on my phone for 6 months from now, so that I can check in with myself to see how I’m going!

I’m really excited for this year and to reach my goals. I know things may come up beyond my control and delay my progress for some of them, but I will keep persevering no matter what.

Before I go, I would love to know:

  • Did you find these tips helpful? 
  • What are some goals you have set this year?
  • How will you be keeping yourself motivated and accountable?


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