Hump Day Recap – Garlic Flatbreads, Pesto Pasta and Homemade Sushi Rolls!

Ah, hump day! I do love this time of the week. We’re halfway to the weekend, and this one is a big one for us! It’s the Easter Long Weekend, and I’ve got a fair things planned including my sister, brother in law and nieces coming up to Sydney to visit! I’m so excited to see them! It’s been months since we last saw them, and I really cannot wait to squish the faces of all my nieces and chat the night away with my sister. I’ll be sure to post all about their visit next week!

Before I get all side tracked though, let me recap the last couple of days for you! Yesterday Jared was at work from 6am to 3pm. It’s really great that his current job are giving him extra shifts now that he’s not at uni. It’s providing him with a bit of extra cash as he looks for a full time job as a drafter.

Breakfast yesterday was a solo one. I made scrambled eggs with 2 free range eggs, a splash of organic rice milk and S&P all cooked on a low heat with lashings of organic butter. Not as creamy and velvety as when I use full cream dairy milk or cream unfortunately, but it was still nice! I had it with half of one of the wraps I bought on Monday which I grilled on one side, then spread with a little butter, some diced garlic and basil leaves on the other side and popped back under the grill until crunchy all over. It was perfect scoop for all that eggy goodness!1 2After a morning of assignment work, I made myself something to eat. Lunch was homemade pesto stirred through buckwheat pasta and crispy bacon and mushrooms cooked in organic butter. I have so many “recipes” for pesto, most of them invented on the spot based on what it is in my fridge/pantry at the time of my pesto craving. Yesterdays had: 1 bunch basil, 1/3 EVOO, a handful of walnuts, ¼ cup pepitas, 1 clove garlic and S&P to season. No cheese needed in the sauce as the bacon and mushrooms already gave it enough flavour.  I only added a little at the end when I served it up. I made enough for Jared to take for his morning tea today too.5 6 7 8 10The afternoon was spent doing some more work, then doing a leg workout and yoga practice. We bought weights and a new workout bench last week and I’ve surprisingly enjoyed using it! I’m not a weights person. I’m more of a yoga and running person. But if I want to improve in either of those, I know I need to be stronger and fitter all over. So I’m going to try and fit in one weights session a week. Which I’ve proudly stuck to 2 weeks in! Hopefully I can stay motivated and keep it up, which I think I will because I just feel so good afterwards!

I also enjoyed the other half of my morning’s wrap baked and topped with natural PB, chia seeds and honey. Perfect post work out snack! Good quality carbs, protein and fat to nourish me!12Today Jared was also at work for half the day so I decided to make the most of my morning by going to a yoga class at Body Mind Life. It’s been a while and I really wanted to get back into it. I had a small breakfast smoothie to give me some energy made of: ¾ of a frozen banana, a good splash of organic rice milk, 1 tsp cacao, 1 tbsp peanut butter and 1 teaspoon chia seeds. I can’t have heavy things like eggs before a morning yoga class, it makes me feel a bit sick.20After my smoothie, I packed my bags and headed off to yoga. It did not go as planned though! What was usually a 35min bus ride, turned into an hour long trip due to the bad traffic. I had basically made it into the city, but missed my morning class! Such a bummer!! I used it as a good excuse to get some little easter gifts for my nieces and got some groceries as well.

Then I came home and had lunch with Jared. I made us some sushi rolls with some leftover jasmine and brown rice we had slightly warmed and with a bit of rice wine vinegar stirred through, a tin of pole and line caught tuna, cucumber, carrot and spinach. I also made a roll sans rice too because we ran you, which actually turned out to be really nice, crunchy and refreshing! I served them up with sushi essentials – pickled ginger, soy sauce, wasabi and miso soup. So, so good!! And it will be perfect fuel for my afternoon today!21 22 23 24 25I’m off to go for said run now! Last week I clocked 3.13km , and I’m hoping to beat that today! Then it’s home to stuff my face with homemade healthy pad Thai for dinner!

Enjoy the rest of your hump day everyone!