Jared’s Birthday Part 1: Indian, Wine, Cake & His Present!

As you might have caught in my uber cheesy post yesterday, el Jaredo turned the big 28! To celebrate, we’re meeting up with our friends on Sunday for all you can eat Japanese and some cocktails. I’m so excited! Who doesn’t love eating their weight in sushi? We’re then heading off on our first ever “family road trip” next weekend! Yes, Severus is our fur baby, and therefore we are a family. (Yeah – I’m one of those crazy cat ladies haha).

My birthday present for him was 2 nights at a little cottage at an organic winery near Kangaroo Valley. He loves wine as much as I do, so he’s really excited for that! I have been trying so hard to keep it a secret, I’m so happy he finally knows now and even happier that he’s excited!

This is the place we’re staying! I can’t to wait to explore the property and do some wine tasting!

(All photos were taken from their website).



Because of these two upcoming events, we decided to keep his actual birthday night a quiet one and spend it at home instead. When I asked him what he wanted for dinner, all he requested was a steak and Guinness pie (with mashed taters, peas, corn and carrot) and some port. Such a sweet request! Unfortunately I wouldn’t have had enough time to prepare it because of work, so I told him I’d make it for him on Saturday instead (the more birthday celebrations – the better in my opinion!).

I asked him to make another request. He finally decided on Indian, his absolute favourite take out option. It’s hard to believe he never ate it (or any other “exotic” or “foreign” food) before he met me! He was very much a steak and 3 veg kind of guy, and now he eats and loves Japanese, Indian, Thai, Lao and Vietnamese food! 

For dinner he chose lamb saag, chicken vindaloo, 2 cheese naans. I chose the eggplant curry! (We also chose this place because it had a 20% off total order special – we are such bargain hunters!). We had it with a bottle of sparkling shiraz that we picked up on the way home and it was so good together! Indian, wine and Vikings… Such a good combination!

After we let our food digest (we always seem to overeat when it comes to Indian), I brought dessert! He said he didn’t want a cake, but I couldn’t not get one! It’s just not a complete birthday unless you get to blow out candles. I bought him a Sara Lee Bavarian Cheesecake (it’s an old favourite of his, but we haven’t had it in years) and popped a candle in it for him. 


I sung him happy birthday for the 300th time that day and he blew out the candle! It was really cute to watch him doing it!

We ate probably just over a quarter of that small cake together with some more Vikings, then hit the sack. We both slept like babies thanks to all the naan bread/wine/cheese cake haha. 

I’m so excited for the rest of his birthday celebrations!


Questions for you!

  • Do you ever extend birthday celebrations? I do it all the time for Jared and for myself. The more times we can celebrate, the better!!
  • Are you a cheesecake fan? Favourite flavour? I don’t it very often, but when I do, I’m reminded of how delicious they are! My favourite types are any with berries or the classic lemon!