Jared’s Birthday Part 2: Dinner With My Parents!

I would just like to start this off by telling you that this was a totally impromptu dinner plan! I had lost my camera charger and was trying to find it all week and couldn’t figure out where it could be. Then it finally dawned on me on Thursday night that I had probably taken it down to my parents during our Easter stay.

I called my mum and she laughed so much. I have this habit of forgetting things at their place (and everywhere else mind you), and they had found it moments after I had left that day, but didn’t tell me because they wanted to see how long it would take me to figure it out. It took me almost a month you guys. I am terrible! You win this round mum and dad!

Anyway, I told her we’d come down for a visit and pick it up yesterday and she insisted we have a birthday dinner for Jared. We definitely didn’t complain! She was going to cook (my mum is famous for her feasts she puts on), but I told her not to worry about it because it was Friday night and I wanted her to relax as well. So we decided on pizza instead. Again, no complaints from us there! I was so excited… pizza, wine and my parents. Winning combo!

Jared picked me up after work, and he had packed not only the chocolate I requested (the one I bought earlier this week), he also brought the Remedy Kombucha I bought for us last weekend that we forgot to drink. What a legend! It made sitting in traffic MUCH easier! (Because you know, it’s really hard being a passenger!).



Jared got a surprise birthday present on arrival! We weren’t expecting it as they were already paying for dinner. He loved it!

I’m sure he was a male model in his past life, just check out that pose! ;)



We split a bottle of red, 4 pizzas and some garlic bread!


I’m so glad I caught Jared staring lovingly at the pizza. I wish he looked at me like that, haha!



Can you believe mum got all the flowers for this arrangement from her garden?? So beautiful!

11 (2)

My parents are both hooked on Facebook and it seriously cracks me up how “tech savvy” they’ve gotten. 

12 (2)


The rest of the night was spent relaxing and drinking more wine. I love catching up on gossip with my mumma! 

13 (2)

15 (2)

At around 10pm, dad did the family ritual of making us coffees to end the night and we left after that.

It’s so good catching up with my family, and I can’t wait to see them again in a couple of weeks for Mother’s Day. 


Questions for you!

  • What’s your favourite pizza topping? I love a good veggie packed one, or a simple pepperoni on thin crust. 
  • Favourite kombucha? Mine is currently Remedy Kombucha, and my favourite flavours of theirs is green apple or ginger and lemon. 
  • What’s your plans for the weekend? Today is a cleaning/eating slow cooked pie at home day, tomorrow is Jared’s birthday celebration with our friends and then Monday hopefully we’ll make it to dawn service, then home to relax for the rest of the day.