Jared’s Birthday Part 3: A Birthday Request

When I asked Jared earlier this week what he wanted for his birthday dinner, his request was steak and Guinness pie with mash and peas, corn and carrot. Since I didn’t have time to make it for him on his actual birthday night, I made it for him yesterday instead! 

After breakfast and running some errands around town in the morning, I got started on it. This was my first time making it and it actually turned out much nicer than I was expecting! Still needs a few tweaks though, so I won’t post the full recipe just yet!  



I dusted off the old slow cooker and used that to make the pie filling (which was basically just chuck steak, onion, garlic, home grown marjoram, Guinness and stock). I hadn’t used the slow cooker in months and months. It’s so handy though! It saves you so much hands-on time, because all you have to do is throw your ingredients in, turn it on either high or low and leave it to do it all the work for the rest of the day! We got ours from K-Mart (or it might have possibly been from Big W – I can’t remember now!) for dirt cheap when we first moved out 3 years ago. I think it cost us $20 or $30 and it’s lasted us this long and has never let us down! I can’t wait to start using it more now that winter is not far off!

Fun fact: we don’t have enough bench space near the powerpoint in our kitchen for the slow cooker. So any time we use it, I have to put it on our dining table out in our living room. Such  a random spot, but it does make our apartment smell really good!!


While that bubbled away, we did a bit of tidying up, then decided on having a total lazy day after that. It was grey and miserable outside, and nothing sounded better than curling up on the couch, which is what we did. He played games, while I got myself settled in with blankets and did a bit of blogging and we had season two of Vikings playing on his laptop for the both of us too. 

This is the couch we barely left yesterday. Inviting, right??


Severus joined us for rainy day cuddles too. He kept going back and forth between us, trying to find all the best sleeping spots. Don’t let that sweet face fool you, he was such a rascal all morning. It’s no wonder he was all tired out! I seemed to forget how naughty he was though when he started purring and nudging me to pat him and scratch his neck (he loves that before he goes to sleep). His sweet little face gets me every damn time! I’m such a sucker!!


Lunch was a really random concoction of stuff that turned out to be really good! Organic lettuce and cucumber topped with leftover brown rice, a tin of mango chilli tuna and a big scoop of sour cream. Somehow, it just all worked!


The rest of the afternoon was spent drinking herbal tea, eating chocolate and watching more Vikings. The show is really growing on me, I’m so glad there’s 2 more seasons of it to get through!



When the pie filling was done, I popped it in a dish and covered it with puff pastry and let that bake while I made the mashed potatoes and veggies. Also, can we just for one second marvel at the size of this organic potato?

My head for comparison. (Please ignore the fact that I was in fact wearing the same outfit as Friday night – I am lazy and it as comfortable).


Dinner was a success I think! Birthday Boy was was really happy, and loved it all! Which is really all I wanted! We sat at the dining table, enjoyed the food and a couple of glasses of delicious port. It was just really nice!




After cleaning up, we went back to relaxing on the couch and you guessed it…. more Vikings! For dessert, we had leftover birthday cake from Wednesday. I got really fancy and added a scoop of jam doughnut ice cream and a crumbled scotch finger biscuit. I’m sure the Food Network will be calling me any minute now to ask for the recipe ;). I’ll spare the crappy photo I took of it too!

Today we’re heading out for Part 4 of his birthday celebrations, the last one! Japanese, cocktails and I might even put on some heels! Very exciting, haha! 

I hope you’re all enjoying your weekend!


Questions for you!

  • Do you enjoy Japanese food? Favourite meal? Anything involving udon noodles or ramen are my favourites! I love noodles!! Jared loves sashimi. He could probably eat plates and plates of it every day and not get tired of it. 
  • What are your plans this Sunday?