Jared’s Birthday Part 4: Celebrating With Friends!

The last and final birthday celebration for Jared was had yesterday! Our friends Chris and Mia came over in the morning and we had a couple of celebratory drinks together before leaving to meet with another couple at Crane Bar for lunch.


The boys looked so cute in their sports coats! 



Crane Bar is located in Potts Point, and it was our first time there. We chose to have the Japanese Feast, which is $40 all you can eat Japanese food. How it worked was that they continually brought out different dishes until we couldn’t eat any more! There was such a good spread of food! We had platters of sashimi, sushi, dumplings, fried chicken, grilled chicken, stir fried pork and bowls of edamame. It was well worth the $40, such fresh, delicious food! Our friends Mia and Chris loved it so much that they’ll be enquiring about hiring out the function space for their engagement party later this year!




After finishing off our food and a couple of jugs of sangria, we walked down the road to Kings Cross Hotel, a favourite place of ours for casual drinks! (We were there for two events last year: Rooftop Reggae and Trip Through the Cross and I’ve loved it ever since!). Some more friends arrived and we had far too much fun I think. 

For some reason we all thought shots were a great idea. I think we were all just trying to relive our youth again, haha! We had such a good day/night and Jared really enjoyed himself which is the most important thing!



We were home and in bed by 8:30pm last night (we are definitely not as young as we thought we were haha). We both feel surprisingly GREAT today, and have been up since 7:30am, lazing about on the couch together. We’ve been watching Vikings all day and just finished eating some $5 thin crust pizzas from Pizza Hut. Yes, we ordered 4 pizzas for just the two of us. But it’s for our dinner too, so that makes it kind of better… right? Haha. 



It’s been a really great weekend, and I’m glad we still have the rest of the afternoon and night to relax together before the working week starts back up again tomorrow!

I hope you’ve all had a great weekend!


Questions for you!

  • How was your long weekend? What were the highlights?
  • Have you been to Crane Bar before? What was your experience like?


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