Jared’s Tiki Party: Part 1 The Night Before

I’ve been so excited you guys! I know it’s a bit lame to be this excited over a party, but since moving out 2 years ago, we’ve never had been able to hold a proper party with our friends. Our first apartment was a studio and far too small for us, let alone for guests. But now that we finally have a space large enough to have a few friends over, and an occasion to celebrate, we can finally throw our first little soiree!

I just love the idea of entertaining people. I love the idea of planning, the prep, the grocery shopping, the cooking and seeing it all come together and people enjoying all that you’ve done. If I had the time and money, I’d entertain more often I think. Anyone wanna come over for dinner? ;)

For Jared’s birthday, we knew we wanted to do a theme for some extra fun. I had bought him a shirt recently for a bit of fun that was hawaiian print and he’d been wanting a reason to wear it out. And that’s when I came up with the Tiki theme. Think lots of coloured print, polynesian style backdrops of rattan furniture, flower leis and grass fringing, pin up looking ladies and army men drinking rum cocktails and smoking cigars back in the 30’s and 40’s. I guess that’s the best way I can describe it! Jared loved the sound of it, so Tiki it was!

Invites went out a few weeks ago, and I ordered a cheap Tiki wall decorations on Ebay the same day. I know that was early, but I wanted to make sure it arrived in time. I ended  up getting this set. It came within the week and even though it looked a bit different to what I was expecting (it looks like matte cardboard, it was actually a plastic sheet), I still liked it. I’ll take photos of the what I ended up doing with them tomorrow when the light is better, as well as the rest of the decorations I bought later on!

On Wednesday, I cleaned the apartment from top to bottom, except for our bedroom (there was baskets of laundry that needed to be washed and put away that I was avoiding at all costs hiding in there). I also rearranged some of our furniture so there was more room in our living area. After all that, I sat down to write up the menu. I’m a very visual person. I’m also a BIG fan of lists and organising my thoughts into a neat and orderly manner on paper. So in a notebook, I wrote up my menu down one side, then on the side next to it I wrote down things I would need to buy for each dish. I did a third list (not shown), where I re-wrote all the shopping items and listed them under which shop I would get them in. To some people, this is pain-staking. But for me, it cleared my head and took a lot of pressure off. I knew exactly what I needed to get and which shops I needed to go to. I didn’t have to worry about whether I’d forget something or not and prevents me going in and out of the same shop more than once.1 2After college yesterday, we headed out to the shops to get all the food and supplies. I was so proud of myself. By getting alot of my fruit and veggies in bulk, I managed to stay well under my $100 food budget! So I bought some party decorations with a bit of it, spontaneously bought a couple of kilos of chicken wings to add to the menu and put the rest towards the alcohol portion. Altogether though, we spent about $150, including the meat which Jared got at work earlier this week. Not bad huh? Being a student, saving money where I can is important. So I was really happy that we bought enough food to feed an army of our friends, but still stayed within a reasonable price range.

Today we went for a walk early in the morning to have a bit of breakfast and relax before some more party prep. When  
I got home I started with the easy stuff – the veggie kebabs. I chopped up all the veggies I’d be using and popped them all in a container. I’m not skewering them until tomorrow, as there isn’t enough room in our fridge. At least this way, half the job is already done!5 6Next up was the satay chicken skewers. Jared diced some chicken thighs for me, and I made up the marinate and mixed it into the chicken. Again, I won’t be skewering them until tomorrow as I want the flavour to be really infused into it, plus again the lack of room in my fridge. So I popped it into a container to marinate in the fridge overnight. I also just have to stir together a quick and easy satay sauce tomorrow.10After that was the chicken wings. I had Jared cut them up into halves for quicker cooking and easier eating. Then I mixed them in a hoisin marinate.97 11Once I have a bit more time next week, I’ll post the recipe for both of these up!12Look at that face. I love that face. He annoys me to death some days, and then other days I just can’t stop staring at his face.8The rest of the afternoon was dedicated to finally cleaning up the bedroom and setting up the last of the decorations (can’t wait to show you them!). I was pretty tired today, so coffee and tea were definitely my friends today. And so were my pink ugg boots that I found tucked away in the back of my wardrobe.13Did I mention that we were really good friends today? This was my afternoon snack, eaten on the floor during said bedroom cleaning. It was two brown rice cakes, Mayver’s unhulled tahini on one, Mayver’s cacao peanut  on the other, and banana and honey on both.15I was pretty pooped by the end of it all. It’s been a long and busy week, with not just party planning, but end of college assignments too. We ordered Thai for dinner tonight and I think I’ll be crawling into bed soon after this post. I’ve got so much to do tomorrow morning, so I need to be rested up!

Have a good night everyone!

Laura x