Joe Merchant & Co: A Review

love coffee. It’s one of my vices, and one I am happy to indulge in and enjoy on a daily basis. I remember back when I worked as an account broker (yeah, me, an account broker!), and the only way I could get through my work load was to soldier through with about 4 (sometimes more – yikes!) coffees a day. I am happy to say that I no longer need to do that, and coffee has now become something of enjoyment, rather than my source of fuel.

When I started to enjoy my coffees more, I started being more curious as to which beans were used, where they came from and the actual taste which is something I never focused previously when I just simply needed coffee. On our weekends we have free now, Jared and I either like to venture out to different cafes for coffee, or simply stay in bed and drink a new blend together. It’s something I truly enjoy, and one of those “small things” in life I am appreciative of.

So when Joe Merchant & Co. reached out to me to try out their subscription box, naturally I was ecstatic. I’ve been stalking their instagram page for a while now. I just love their concept! It’s basically a coffee subscription, where each month they hand select an artisan coffee based on your personal preferences.


We selected pre-ground beans, and our brewing preference as French press/plunger. The box came with a 250g bag of coffee, plus a hand written card detailing information about the selected coffee. This month, we got Reuben Hills’ House Blend. The smell when I opened the bag was incredible. It smelled just like freshly roasted beans. It was then I looked at the date on the front of the bag, and saw that the beans were roasted and ground just a few days before it was posted to me. No wonder it smelled so good!

3.If you need some tips on how to make great French press coffee, I found Serious Eats and The Kitchn‘s guides really handy when I first started out. Albeit, I’m a little less particular with it now. My usual technique now is 1 rounded tablespoon of ground coffee per 200ml of boiled water. I then steep it for 4-5 minutes for 400ml, and 5-6mins for 800ml. I also gently stir it about 30 seconds in. But that’s my own preference of brewing, and you’ll find your own too.



We tried the blend with milk first (pre-warmed), and a little organic coconut sugar. It was really beautiful and smooth, not at all bitter or “burnt.” The beans were also ground perfectly for the plunger. Sometimes when buying ground beans or grinding them yourself, it’s easy to get beans that too fine or too rough, and this affects the overall taste of the coffee. But this blend was perfect.




We then tried it without milk, and I actually enjoyed this more as I was able to really taste the coffee blend. It was sweet, fruity and slightly nutty. Truly enjoyable!



The customer service I recieved from the company was outstanding too. I live in an awkward location, where one side of my street is one suburb and the other half is another suburb. It makes for some confusion when it comes to deliveries sometimes. The first time they tried to send my coffee, it was actually sent back by Australia Post and had to be resent again by Joe Merchant & Co. I was kept informed throughout the entire process from start to finish, and knew exactly when to expect my box. I couldn’t be happier with it all!

Coffee lovers, I highly recommend this subscription box. The customer service was great, the selection they make for you based on your preferences is great, and the quality of the coffee from the roasters they work with is simply fantastic. Well worth the money!

If you need some incentive, Joe Merchant Co. have offered all of you a 10% discount off your first box, just simply enter in the code ONEDISHAWAY at check out! (I don’t receive any commission or profit from that code, it’s just a little gist to you guys for being so awesome!).

Laura x

**Please note that the product/s mentioned in this post were given to me free of charge for the purpose of reviewing. However, all opinions and recommendations are my own and not influenced by this.**