Just 6 Things!

Hi lovelies, here to share with you 6 totally random things this morning!

 1. I have become a crazy cat lady. Well, more so than usual anyway now that I have my own cat rather than just cooing over other peoples cats. If you could see my browser history, it’s just full of cat related internet searches. Looking up harnesses, cool scratching posts, new kitty litter boxes and phrases like “how do I know if my cat loves me?” I’m kidding about that last one (or am I?). But seriously, look at this furry face. I can’t help but be smitten. (Excuse the no make up – I’m far too lazy to do it unless I’m going out somewhere nice. Work doesn’t count).



2. I’m planning my longest run yet this weekend on the Bay Run track! 7km without needing to turn back or run the same path over again. I’m so excited, I love a good challenge! Please wish me luck, I most definitely will be needing it. This is the track:


3. I started weights again this week. I’m trying to love it as much as running, I really am. I did a bit of leg and core work yesterday on my rest day from running, and I felt great afterwards. It just doesn’t seem as exciting to me as strapping on my sneakers and going for a run, BUT I know it’s going to help me strengthen my muscles so that I can run better and with less risk of injury. So I’m going to keep at it. I’m aiming for once a week for now, which is more realistic for me than 3 times a week (what I always aimed for previously and failed at). I’ll share my work out later this week with my half marathon training post.

4. I rediscovered LeWrap again last Thursday night. I hadn’t eaten it in years! But after birthday shopping for my mum, we decided to have a fancy food court dinner. Jared had Indian (no surprises there – he loves Indian food!) and I got myself a LeWrap plate with brown rice, chicken, salad and I also had them add a big scoop of guac. Because guac is life. And so is extra chilli sauce. Happy, HAPPY tastebuds. I also love that they cook the meat right there in front of you. Maybe I can convince him we need another fancy food court date tonight! I want another one!


5. I’ve been trying to drink more water at work. Sometimes I just forget to because I get so busy and I end up really regretting it because I get headaches and my running and post-run recovery aren’t nearly as great when I’m not hydrated enough. So I’ve started filling up this big jug to keep at my desk and aim to finish at least one of these by the end of the day. I also have a few cups of herbal tea throughout the day too, and no coffee after breakfast time. It’s helped me immensely with sleep, recovery and performance!

(Also, I’m so glad I get to work well before anyone else. Otherwise they’d probably be like “Laura, why the hell are you taking a selfie with water jugs?” And my only answer would be “so I can show strangers on the internet” and things would probably get pretty awkward after that).


6. Because it’s Thursday, because everyone needs a good laugh, and because I laughed harder at this than I care to admit, here’s a ridiculous post to end things.


Have a fab day everyone!