Just 6 Things

Hi lovelies! I miss posting more regularly, so I thought I’d just pop in and quickly share just 6 things from my week that brought a smile to my face!

1.This text conversation with my sister! She is 7 years older than me, and here she is asking me on advice on how to put on fake eyelashes. We are both so bad with girly stuff like that, and I couldn’t stop picturing her trying to attach eyelashes on. I’m so glad I won’t be there for the day, she’d definitely glue her eyes shut by accident from laughing with me!



2.I saw this on and laughed so hard. Maybe for my half marathon this year??


3.I love casual Fridays at work. I used the last one as an excuse to wear my comfy work out clothes to the office. Best. Idea. Ever. I’m totally doing this from now on!

4.My mum has been getting so tech savvy. She has been on Facebook for a while now, and has an iPhone 6 and iPad and everything. She’s like this little Asian lady who barely speaks English, but still manages to keep up to date with the trends haha. The other day she shared this gem on Facebook and I died of laughter. A meme related to both Star Wars and Drake, and shared from Buzzfeed no less. I tagged my sister, brother in law (who is the biggest SW fan I know) and Jared. We all couldn’t stop laughing. My mum is officially cooler than all of us combined.


5. I have some pretty great people in my life! Here’s some of them and myself at the pub on Saturday afternoon.


6. Say hello to the newest member of the One Dish Away household… Severus the kitty (named after my favourite Harry Potter character of course!). He’s only 10 weeks old and I am totally and utterly in love. Don’t worry, I shall be posting plenty more pictures of him soon!


Hope you enjoyed my short and sweet catch up. Let’s do this more often, huh? 

Hope you had a fab weekend everyone!