Kale, Halloumi + Quinoa Salad | Gluten Free, Vegetarian

The number one way to make kale more appealing? Add halloumi. And lots of it.


The second way? By massaging it in a little oil and lime juice. You basically just remove the stems from the kale, tear them into small, bite sized pieces, pour over the oil and lime juice and squeeze/knead them in your hands for 1-2mins. Yes, you’ll probably look and feel like a bit of a plonker, sitting there massaging a big bowl of leaves. You might question how it is you got to this point in your life where you’re actually doing something like this. Hell, you might even be envious of your kale “because why do my veggies get a massage when it is *I* who so desperately needs one?”

BUT, all that aside, it really makes the difference between cardboard-like kale and pliable/softened/semi-appealing kale. I’m not selling it well, am I? Look, you’ll just have to trust me on this. I wouldn’t steer you wrong… would I?

To the massaged kale, I added some quinoa that I cooked in some veggie stock I made a week ago. It was a really simple stock, made from just our veggie scraps actually. You can check out THIS INSTA POST if you’d like more details on it!


Then went in some crispy halloumi, pecans, sliced pear and some balsamic vinegar and olive oil to bring it all together. 


I honestly only threw the pear in because our fruit bowl was overflowing with them and I desperately needed to eat them before they went to waste. But it ended up working so wonderfully with the crunchy pecans and helped to balance out the slight saltiness from the halloumi. It’s definitely a new favourite combination of mine now!


If and when you try this recipe out, please feel free to comment below or tag me in your photo on Instagram so I can see your creation and share it on my page! 

Enjoy lovelies,

Laura xx

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