Lazy Sundays & Watermelon Cocktails

Today was one of those blissful Sunday’s where we had nothing planned. We visited my parents last night and didn’t get home until quite late, so I was hoping to sleep in. But I guess the sunshine had other ideas for me. One wall of our bedroom is made up of a large window looking out to our balcony, and since we haven’t got any curtains up, it’s near impossible to sleep in too long after the sun has risen. I tried to fight it, but eventually gave in and got up. It was an absolutely beautiful day and it was hard to be mad at such a bright, sunny sky anyway.

I lazed about on the couch in the sun, reading blogs and having my “me time,” and by 8:30am, Jared was up and joining me. He made us coffee and we chatted for a while before he jumped on his computer and I went out to check on my plants on the balcony.


My zucchini plants are still going strong (the little guys in the right of my photo). I had a scare the other day when I came out and found them covered in little caterpillars. I promptly picked them all off and have been on caterpillar watch every day since! 

balcony garden

Also, I have a big dandelion plant growing in one of my planter boxes. I was going to pull it out, but noticed just how many flowers it had on it. Should I save those for something? A tea perhaps? Has anyone used it for anything before? It just seems a waste to pull it out and kill it!


We spent the rest of our morning lazing about on the couch together, each doing our own thing. He played his games, and I got lost in pinterest and blogging.


It wasn’t until after 10:30 that we got hungry, so our breakfast really became our brunch. I love eating when I’m hungry and not to a certain timed schedule. I always enjoy my meals so much more if I’m actually hungry, rather than eating because I feel I have to. I’ve been listening to my body more and more lately, and when I do, I feel so much better.


The brunch I cooked up today was bacon, organic eggs cooked in the residual bacon fat, Bill’s Organic’s Ancient Grains Sourdough with melted cheese and kale chips that I made by tossing organic kale in some olive oil, salt, turmeric and chilli flakes and popping it on a tray under a grill/broiler for 5-10mins (until crunchy).

After brunch, Jared continued playing his games while I had myself a Matthew McConaughey movie marathon. The weather was warming up a fair bit by this time, so I thought I’d also whip us up some yummy cocktails to cool us down while we lazing about. I found some watermelon in the fridge, and blended it up with water, ice cubes, a few splashes of Cocolada (a coconut flavoured rum based liquor) and some homegrown mint from my mumma’s garden that she sent me home with yesterday.

Watermelon Rum Cocktail.

It was so refreshing and just so damn tasty. I made enough for a mason jar and a bit each. We only had a bit of the Cocolada left, so we couldn’t have anymore. Which may have been a blessing in disguise, because I would’ve happily sipped on this all day. 

Watermelon Rum Cocktail

By late afternoon, we still weren’t too hungry. At least not enough for a big lunch anyway. So I made us up a snack platter with brie cheese, some mixed olives and brown rice crackers to munch on.


After lunch, I decided to stop lazing about and get myself a bit more prepared for the week. We had some really ripe bananas laying around, and I really wanted to make them into some snacks that we could pack to take to work this week. So I made us some Banana Peanut Butter Bars. These turned out so much better than I expected, with a soft, chewy centre and little smattering of raisins and peanuts throughout it!

Here’s a little sneak peek of it, recipe will be posted this week!


Since we’d been cooped up all day, we decided to head out for a walk together after I baked the bars. It was such a warm and beautiful afternoon, I’m so glad we ventured out! I decided not to track our walk today on my Nike app. I like to track my runs (to check my progress and improvement), but I found that I was tracking my walks too, which is really not necessary when I think about it, especially the walks I do purely for relaxation.

I think it’s easy to get obsessed with it and that can take away from the enjoyment and relaxation of the actual walk, especially if you’re constantly checking how far you’ve gone and how long you’ve been walking. So now when I’m not running, I make sure I don’t track it. It’s hard at times as it’s such a habit of mine, but I know it will be better for me in the long run to break that habit. 

When we got back, I showered, did a little self pampering in the form of soaping and exfoliating myself (I know, I’m so self indulgent – ha!) and cooked us dinner. And by dinner, I really mean re-heating food. Every time I visit my family, my mum always sends me home with food.

Yesterday we got mint leaves, lemons, rice, oats, Lao sausages and leftover Khao Poon from dinner last night. Khao Poon is a traditional Lao rice noodle dish, with many variations and flavours. Last night’s one was Khao Poon Seen, which is the beef variation. 

My mumma boiled beef bones all day to make her own broth, and used the meat that fell off the bones in the soup too. The broth is then seasoned and lots of spices, sliced bamboo, beans and meatballs added to it. To serve, you pile your bowl with thinly sliced/shredded raw cabbage, carrot, snake beans and banana blossom, add cooked rice vermicelli noodles and pour the soup over. 


It was so good being able to enjoy my mumma’s home cooking for dinner tonight (and also of course, not having to cook!).

I’m about to go enjoy the remainder of our lazy day curled up on the couch, with possibly a cheeky glass of red just to top the weekend off!

Hope you all enjoyed your weekend too!

Laura x 

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