Life in May

It’s been a while since I could find the time to write on here, so I thought I’d catch you up on life with a little recap post!

Currently: in bed, sipping the last of my coffee and enjoying some quiet time (this is where I was when I started writing this post, but it was finished a few hours later, on the couch, while enjoying a cup of ginger tea after some housework).

Severus is on my lap, purring and enjoying the chin rubs I’ve been giving him. Mondays and Tuesdays have been my rostered days off this month, so I’m enjoying the second day of my weekend with a nice, slow start! (This photo was from last week, but our mornings together look very much like this every time!).


Drinking: lots of tea now that the weather is a bit cooler. I sometimes struggle drinking enough water in the colder months, so I try to counteract this by replacing my glasses of water with mugs of herbal tea instead (which just seems so much more appealing than cold glasses of water). Sometimes just even plain, hot water is nice. My family has been doing this for about as long as I can remember, so I always thought it was normal thing until I met people who didn’t do it and thought it was odd! Anyone else out there a fan of just plain, hot water from the kettle or is really just us?

Cutting down on: coffee. I used to be a multiple cups of coffee kind of girl, but lately I’ve been sticking to just one a day, sometimes two if I’m feeling particularly indulgent. It’s been much better for my health, but it also makes me appreciate the one coffee I do have so much more. I take my time with it, sip it, and don’t just guzzle it mindlessly just for a buzz.

Jared has been experimenting and using the coffee machine I inherited off an old co-worker around 5 years ago. We have lugged that machine with us from apartment to apartment and hadn’t used it up until a few weeks ago. And now it’s become part of our morning ritual. Jared gets up before me for work, so he’s on coffee duty. He makes his breakfast, gets ready for work and then brings me in a coffee just before he leaves. Lately, I’ve been loving it with no milk or sugar, and just a little coconut oil stirred in. I’ve also had it with a little cacao and honey and that was delicious too!

Eating: it’s been a very random month so far, food wise. I had my wisdom teeth taken out a few weeks ago and so a lot of the meals for me were more based around just finding something I could physically eat without it causing too much grief. My mouth is totally healed now though, so that’s a big relief! Eating has become enjoyable again and I’m loving being able to have some “crunch” back into my life, I was really missing sourdough!


Cooking: not as much as I’d like to, if I’m being honest. Meal prep hasn’t been happening too much, and a lot of the time it’s a lot of playing by ear for lunch and dinner. This has proved to be even harder than meal prepping. Both effort wise, and financially. We’ve been buying meals a lot more, and while enjoyable at the time, I know we’ve got to reign it back in again. We have a holiday in October to save for so I need to start budgeting better. And nothing beats home cooked meals with regards to nourishing the body, so I definitely need to get back on track there. Our bodies and our wallets will thank us, I’m sure!


Working: at a beautiful little clinic in Manly called Progressive Health (or pH Clinic for short). I started there at the end of February, and I’ve finally settled in well enough to be able to share the news! (I didn’t want to jinx it after all, because I do absolutely love it!). I work there 4-5 days a week, managing the clinic. I do a lot of the admin, marketing and help the owner Nic with the general running of the clinic. We do colonic hydrotherapy, infrared sauna, kinesiology and remedial massage there, and it’s been so wonderful learning from other practitioners who are so skilled and passionate about what they do. As of next month though, we’ll also be adding another modality… nutritional medicine! Yep, I’ll be practicing out of one the rooms two days a week. If you’re interested in a consultation, you can read more HERE on my blog or HERE on the pH website. (I also offer Skype consults for those who can’t make it to the clinic).

Studying: Pathology and Clinical Science this term!

(If you’re new here, I’m studying my Bachelor of Health Science, Comp. Medicine online through Endeavour College. I’ve already completed my Advanced Dip in Nutritional Medicine, and can practice with this qualification but I really missed learning after I left college so I decided to enrol in this and do it online to keep myself constantly learning and growing. It’s proved to be pretty challenging at times, but really worthwhile!).

This term has been the most interesting one for me so far because I’ve found I oddly enjoy reading about parasites, viruses and how your body reacts on so many different levels when it’s attacked. It’s been horrifying at times (especially when they show you detailed photos of certain diseases and infections) but intriguing nonetheless. And I guess it’s that combination of shock, horror and curiosity that makes the information so easy to remember come exam time!

Settling into: our new place. We’ve been here about a month now and we’ve mostly unpacked! Still a couple of boxes to go, but for the most part we’re settling in pretty well. I’m also hoping to have some time to get some potting mix so I can get a balcony garden going (this will be my one millionth attempt now, but still I have faith!). It would be nice to see some winter greens out there, let’s just hope I don’t manage to kill everything again!

Dreaming about: our holiday in October! Two of our closest friends are getting married in Vegas, and we’ll be there for a week to celebrate with them! We’re also going to Hawaii for two weeks, one of those weeks will be spent in Honolulu just the two of us, then in Maui for a week with my family who live in the U.S. I’ve actually only ever met my aunt and one of my cousins, but for this trip I’ll get to meet the rest of the family for the very first time! We’re so excited, and I really can’t wait for it!

And that’s been life so far! I’ll be back tomorrow with a simple recipe for raisin oatmeal biscuits, so keep an eye out for that!

Laura x

*This post was inspired by Heidi’s “happenings” blog posts (which I absolutely love!).