My Friday Off & A Little Surprise

I was feeling a bit odd last night and I put it down to being a bit tired and run down. I was so easily irritable, and even the smallest things seemed to bug me. But when I looked out the window, I realised it was  a full moon. No wonder I felt so high strung. I always do when it’s a full moon, and I know a lot of others do too. It’s odd isn’t it, how we are so affected by the moon? Learning about the moon phases and lunar cycles and how it affects nature and us is something I’ve always wanted to do more research on. Note to self: Must indulge that curiosity soon!

1This morning I woke up to Jared’s alarm at 6am. Which wasn’t so bad. Until I had to hear it 5 more times at 10 minute intervals. At which point it stopped (probably due to the fact that I threatened to throw his phone out the window if he didn’t stop pressing snooze). I sometimes work Friday afternoon/nights and then Saturday all day. But this weekend my work is closed so I have the entire weekend off! Something that hasn’t happened in months! You can understand my excitement! AND, you can now also understand my wanting to throw Jared’s phone out the window for annoyingly waking me up on my day off, right? I feel it was a completely justifiable threat.

He made it up to me though. He pretty much cuddled and squeezed the frustration right out of me. It’s hard to stay angry at someone who looks up at you with such puppy dog eyes, and offers to make you coffee. Really hard.

I had run out of my usual organic rice milk that I love in my coffee, so I had to have it black. Which I don’t mind really, it’s just that instant coffee isn’t really the most delicious to enjoy black. But I got Jared to stir a little raw honey and a half a teaspoon of organic butter in there and it made it 10 times better. Butter always makes things better.

Have you ever tried butter or coconut oil in your coffee? It’s called bulletproof coffee and it’s causing a bit of a stir these days with so many strong opinions on it, both good and bad. Would love to know what you think! You guys should already know what I think though. I’m very much pro-fat, so this one sits well with me. The butter or coconut oil adds fat to your coffee, which can help to reduce the drastic spike in your blood sugar  caused from black/strong coffees, it adds satiety so it keeps you fuller for longer and they’re a great source of fat soluble vitamins like A, D, E and K. So for me personally, I think a bulletproof coffee is a great replacement for regular coffee every now and then with breakfast. Plus, it tastes amazing. And that’s just as important as the rest, isn’t it?

2Speaking of coffee, how cute is Jared and his coffee mug? If you look closely, his mug has an old man getting out of bed. Everytime I see it, I smile to myself. When we first started dating, he’d come over to my parents place and always pick this mug when it came time for tea or coffee. It’s one of those complimentary mugs from a pharmaceutical company. I don’t support the company or the medication at all, and I honestly don’t even know why my parents have it, but it just became known in my family that it was Jared’s mug. So much so, that when we moved out, Mum packed it for me and said “Don’t worry, I packed Jared’s old man mug for him! I know how much he loves it!” Really sweet sentiment, and it always makes me happy when I think about it.34After he left, I made myself breakfast of 2 organic eggs and an extremely large amount of kale, all cooked in organic butter. I also added ground garlic to the kale, and drizzled gluten free tamari on the eggs. As I went to take a photo, I had a bit of a giggle. The eggs looked like a smiling face, and the kale it’s hair. Even my breakfast was happy it’s Friday!5The rest of my day was filled with assignments done on my couch. I have such a cute study table set up, and nine times out of ten, I will still choose the couch to work on. It’s just so soft and inviting, I can’t help it!6Lunch was a simple throw together meal of brown rice, leftover chickpea curry topped with a big spoonful of natural yoghurt and some eggplant sautéed in sesame oil, ground garlic, tamari and chilli paste.7Since I have tomorrow off, I was planning to get some movies, munchies and bottles of wine to have with Jared when he got home tonight and have ourselves a little date night. But having been indoors all day, I really want to get myself outside before cabin fever sets in! That’s when I came up with the idea to surprise Jared with tickets to an outdoor cinema instead! I had a look around and found Moonlight Cinema which has one located at Centennial Park. The Imitation Game is playing tonight, and even though I have no idea what it’s about, I’m just excited to go as we haven’t been out to the movies in months and never to an outdoor cinema together ever! 

I’m packing us a blanket and big cooler bag filled with snacks, home cooked meals and of course some wine to take down there too! This is my little list for the night!9Speaking of which, I probably should head off now. Have a few things on the list to buy and make before I leave in a couple of hours so I best go!

Wish me luck on my little surprise!

Laura x